1. F

    Computer Won’t turn on

    Hey! So, my computer will not turn on. I have tried everything the internet says, and it still won’t turn on! It is fully charged, also, I know it is still working, because when I turn it on, the caps lock light comes on! What do I do?
  2. AliviaW17

    Computer updating showing white box

    I just bought my Acer computer for college and every time it I update it, it want to go to a white screen box and I waiting for hours and it just won’t work! I called costumer service and they expect me to pay $50 for it to work....
  3. D

    PC lag when I close applications

    Hi everybody I have a problem when i close applications the computers freezes for couple of seconds (sometimes i have to hard reset) and the audio lags. This pc isnt even a year old and i forgot to mention it sometimes happens when the computer is just idle or i am listening to music. And the...
  4. B

    Fans run but no display

    So I bought This computer computer it turns on but nothing well show up but I see it working but know it doesn't please help if you know how to fix it
  5. M

    Solved No signal coming to the monitor- but...

    I cannot see the computer running from the monitor(no signal coming to it) - despite both the monitor and the tower running fine. I have figured that there might be a problem in the (SCART) connector between the monitor and the tower. However it was working the day before this problem happened...
  6. J

    Keyboard Problems

    Space bar, b, and n keys not working — in any app — on Lenovo T450s laptop (running windows 10). Was sporadically not working yesterday, and today not at all — and I have 3 reports to write! I’ve tried, as per all the information I found via Googling: - Confirming that sticky keys are not on...
  7. Crazysexybear

    Where Can I Get Windows 10

    Hi I'm currently making my own gaming pc and i'd like to know were to bye windows 10. I've seen really cheap ones and expensive ones so I don't know what to do.
  8. xcs70

    Download speed is not working on laptop.

    So earlier I was trying to download this new game update but when I opened up the stats window to see how fast it would download, I was getting a download speed of 00.0B/s. At first I thought this was just a bad wifi connection or just my internet in general but after, I had a friend downloading...
  9. L

    Lenovo X61 Thinkpad Xseries HELP!!!!

    My laptop is a Lenovo X61 and its perpetually stuck with Windows XP and I can't enter internet explorer, it doesn't work at all. It won't update and it wont open certain downloads. It came from my old school so I figured there was a block on it somewhere, opinions? How could I get rid of it? I...