computer bootup error

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    Computer "starting" but not booting

    As the title says, I press start on my PC and at first it seems to be doing its job. But nothing happens! My tech expertise only covers plugging in and out the displays and making sure that they are fit for action, and again, they seem to be prepared to be doing their jobs. In detail: 1. Press...
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    Sata ssd not showing in bios

    Hey so my Kingston sata ssd won’t show in the bios of my z590 gigabyte ud and was wondering if anyone knew how to find it?
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    Windows boot up repair

    So I bought a sky tech computer the other day and it ran very well for a couple days until today when i turned it on it started in recovery mode. I’ve been messing with it a lot trying to get it to come on but now when i start it up my keyboard and mouse won’t come on. The error code and...
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    New RX580, PC wont turn on. Help me please, first build!

    I just bought a new sapphire rx 580 pulse 8gb for my pc. I turned it off, unplugged it, removed the rx 460, and put the rx 580 in, and plugged its power cord into the psu. When I attempted to turn on the computer after plugging it in, the pc would not turn on. The only thing that did...
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    Windows 7 wont run at all

    my computer runs an MSI bios 4 and I currently can only access that on my computer. It gets stuck on the windows startup screen and refuses to leave it I have tried everything using safe mode and repairing computer and adjusting settings but still no luck. If you name it I have tried it but I...
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    "no boot device available"

    hey since two days I bought a computer and the windows is still not installed on the computer, so I got this message when I turned on the computer no boot device available strike f1 to retry boot, f2 for setup utility press f5 to run onboard diagnostics. I tried to install windows 7 by a cd...
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    Solved Computer bootup error

    Hey everyone, I would like to seek some help or just some information about this bootup error. Here's a little background/Story : This computer was a Lenovo Thinkcentre I think, my mother usually uses it just to browse, it ran Windows 10 pro and was perfect ever since we moved, yesterday when I...