computer bootup

  1. dubblebanana

    My computer dont work, the fan is accelerating super quick

    Ok hey i think i found the right page now, i just have a problem with my computer and i need help, i dont want it to die, ok my problem is when i press the power button, it turns on as normal exept the screen doesent turn on, and after a few seconds the fans starts accelerating (I think i spelld...
  2. D

    pc wont turn on no matter what I try

    long story short, i just built a new computer and I know its set up right i cant find anything wrong or lose or plugged in the wrong place. Ive been at this for days and no one can help me please just help. RYZEN 7 2700X processer B450 TOMAHAWK motherboard...
  3. R

    Black Screen of Death?

    So im having some trouble with startup. Once I startup my computer, the console message on normal startup comes up with different options for a few seconds then leaves. Normaly the windows logo pops up right after it and loads everything and then the login screen appears. However, the windows...
  4. J

    Solved Computer bootup error

    Hey everyone, I would like to seek some help or just some information about this bootup error. Here's a little background/Story : This computer was a Lenovo Thinkcentre I think, my mother usually uses it just to browse, it ran Windows 10 pro and was perfect ever since we moved, yesterday when I...