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    Question about power supply for build

    I finally have what I need to start my new computer build, but I have a power supply question: I assembled mine using PCpartpicker's designer, and the power supply I chose was an EVGA 600BQ, which according to the site was enough power for my build (450 watts). I get my graphics card (Radeon...
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    Solved Which graphics cards are compatible with my PC?

    Motherboard: Tower: HP Pavilion Slimline s5-1414 ( ) Graphics: Intel HD Graphics RAM: 8GB Processor: Intel(R) Core i3-2130 CPU @ 3.40 GHz Windows: 10 Elder Scrolls Online PC Requirements: (...
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    Pc Gaming

    Im new to the world of PC gaming, im trying to build my very first pc. Can anybody give me a good part list or recommendations or even guide me. I've done some research myself but this pc building stuff seems so complicated and overwhelming. I honestly dont even know where to start. My budget...
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    pc wont turn on no matter what I try

    long story short, i just built a new computer and I know its set up right i cant find anything wrong or lose or plugged in the wrong place. Ive been at this for days and no one can help me please just help. RYZEN 7 2700X processer B450 TOMAHAWK motherboard...
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    CPU, Motherboard, dram, psu problems?

    hi, over the past couple months i have really got into pc building going so far as to start a small business building for people in my area. anyway the first pc i built was Ryzen 3 2200g asus gtx 1050 ti 4gb MSI b350m pro-vdh 16gb kingston hyper x ddr4 deepcool DA500-m 500w psu 2 hdd's and a...
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    PC Building Help

    Hi, i am about to build a new gaming pc and would like to know whether the PC configuration would work (compatible) together. The following is my PC configuration: Would/Should i encounter any problems? Thanks
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    Hyper 212x vs turbo

    Hi I was wondering if I should buy the hyper 212x or the turbo edition CPU fan. I was wondering is there a difference and if so how much of a difference is there in overall performance and how do each one of them cool down the system with a full load.
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    Help me build a PC!!!!!!!

    I have finally decided to move over to the PC master race but the only problem i have is that i have little knowledge about PCs! I need guidance on what to buy such as motherboards, graphics cards etc. to be able to build a complete PC (the PC will be used for mainly gaming but also other...
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    Computer building

    I want to buy a PC for gaming but i'm on a 450-480 dollar budget.I don't know much about them so i looked on the internet and found a build that suits my budget and can run games i want to play.But as i was talking to my friend he said that my motherboard is too weak and can't "handle" my GPU...