computer startup.

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    Solved Computer crashes 1 time only

    Hi! I've got a problem with my computer crashing some minutes after startup but after the first crash it works fine. I usually watch a youtube video as I start a game and after 2-3 minutes ingame both my screens freeze. After I restarted I can do exacly the same and do more multitasking and it...
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    pc wont turn on no matter what I try

    long story short, i just built a new computer and I know its set up right i cant find anything wrong or lose or plugged in the wrong place. Ive been at this for days and no one can help me please just help. RYZEN 7 2700X processer B450 TOMAHAWK motherboard...
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    So my windows 7 computer was working fine yesterday. But today it wont let me login. When i turn in the computer, it shows me the welcome screen, press esc key for startup menu. After that, it stays frozen. its stuck. And when i try to press esc or other commands, it won't work. the keyboard...