computer will not start

  1. D

    Windows vista 32bit not installing all the way on Computer!

    I started with a unused hard drive and created a partition and installed windows vista 32bit but the computer won't get passed the final stage in the process , says there were some files that could not be loaded to the computer, so i bought a recovery disk and it said the same thing , any help...
  2. LouiseAsuncion

    Computer wont start, no LED light, bu CPU/fan running

    ..So my pc have this problem for over a week now, where in everytime i push the power button, the keyboard light flashes as normal, the monitor will lit up like normal, The CPU and Fan will run, BUT no Light on the power button, and it doesnt show anything on screen. I am able to turn it on if i...
  3. C

    Solved Upgraded Computer Cpu And Ram and Computer Will Not Start

    So recently I got an older computer and i decided to upgrade the Cpu and the Ram once I installed them (I am sure I installed it correctly) I went to start my computer and it did not start the front light that turns on when the computer starts was not on the fans were not on. but on the mother...