1. Vyom17

    2 buttons on my keyboard are switching my pc off

    The letter “B” and F5 of my keyboard switches off my pc when pressed. Is this about the bad keyboard to be replaced? Or something to do with the CPU hardware? Or any software?
  2. P

    Need help about PC specs for COD Warzone

    Hello so as mentioned i have recently bought a pc its a prebuild computer bought in a store an HP Pavillion Gaming Desktop with Processor Amd Ryzen 7 4700G 3.6ghz base and 4.4ghz turbo with Radeon graphics 8 cores 16 logical processors Ram 16gb 3200mhz Power 500w Ssd 500gb and i have a graphic...
  3. J

    Computer Is making Noice

    Hi Everyone! Can anyone help me in solving my problem? My Computer is making much noice when I turn it On, right after 5-10 minutes. It starts making noice. Can you help me in this?
  4. L

    Can’t get into bios!

    Please help!! Can’t get into bios setup (wanting to do a clean install of windows 10) I have a asus p6t motherboard and I’ve tried doing what it says to press del (even holding, rapid pressing, even other keys like f12, tab, etc) to no avail. Is my keyboard not registering before it starts...
  5. J

    Sata ssd not showing in bios

    Hey so my Kingston sata ssd won’t show in the bios of my z590 gigabyte ud and was wondering if anyone knew how to find it?
  6. J

    Why is my mobile's WiFi 10X faster than my computer?

    I had my Virgin Media swapped out for Zen Internet today I was very happy to see a download speed of over 300mbps and an upload speed of over 100Mbps on my Samsung Galaxy S8 (tested WiFi with data turned off). When I tested the speed on my laptop (sitting next the router) I was confounded to...
  7. A

    I can’t connect my monitors to my PC

    I recently bought a PC from my friend about two weeks ago, and the PC was last used three-four weeks ago. Once I set everything up, the PC would not connect to either monitor. I have reset the BIOS, tried connecting it through the motherboard, taken out both the RAM and the GPU, cleaned both. I...
  8. B

    Need a powerful laptop for music production

    Hi everybody! Just a short question. I need a good laptop for music production. If possible 16 gb ram. My budget is: if possible 1000 - 1200 $ (But if needed up to 1500$ is possible too) Thanks :)
  9. techlord234

    CRITICAL_PROCES_DIED BSOD constantly even when on idle

    Iam having constant BSODs with the stop code CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED. I tried re-installing windows onto my SSD and it still happens. My laptop's specs are : CPU: i7 7700 HQ GPU: GTX 1070 8GB dedicated RAM: 32GB, 2400MHZ Its an alienware 15 r3 I tried to check for new drivers, but they say...
  10. Phordin

    Need help with CPU

    I have an Intel Core i5 9600k. Windows 10. Just finished my build and on startup I get a “CPU overheating alert”. I’ve reapplied thermal paste several times at the right amount and have replaced the heat sink as well. The fan is on and connected to the motherboard. The BIOS reads 126 Celsius...
  11. AbhiS1906

    Monitor Screen Problem

    Please help! My computer screen has some issue. It takes so much time to load properly. This happens with me everytime I start it. Please yell me what is the exact problem and how can i solve it.
  12. violetz56

    Virus threat tried to lock up my computer

    I was just trying to open a page I have been to many times when a box saying flash update popped up, I could not use my mouse and suddenly it tried to lock up my computer. I think i saw the name windows updater. I ran avg and malwares but they didn't find anything and something said windows...
  13. Y

    Internet is almost unusable

    First and foremost I was not sure where this post should have been put under as the issue seemingly spans across a multitude of categories. For as long as I've known I haven't had the best internet, my ping while playing video games would spike to 300 at times, and stay there for a few minutes...
  14. Kakeema

    Do monitors come with a usb support?

    Do all monitors come with some usb supports for example to plug in a mouse and keyboard. If not where could I find some I can only ever find monitors which support HDMI, DVI, VBA and audio output but nothing usb port related. OR do usb port supported only come for all in one pcs?
  15. M

    Gaming computer HELP!!

    Hello! This is my first time posting on here so I’m sorry if this is in the wrong thread. My issue is that I have a gaming computer but I’m missing some of the cords for it so I was hoping someone could look at the pictures I’ve attached and let me know which ones I’m missing. Thank you in advance!
  16. T

    Completely Challenged

    I moved recently, lost all connectors and power cord to my 21.5" HP 2159M WideScreen 1920x1080 HDMI/DVI-D/VGA w/Speaker Black LCD Monitor FV585AA#ABA, computer. Please, need this for work - What type of cables do I need, especially the power cord for Monitor. SOS!!
  17. N

    Unlisted Storage Usage

    So I recently obtained a PC from one of my friends it was his old one and he decided to upgrade neither of us know too much about PC's which is I suppose why I am here. Now the computer has 900GBs of storage yet somehow 700GBs are used up in Temporary files and keep in mind I've only used this...
  18. Gaguirre

    Connectivity issues

    Hi, I recently made improvements to my desk and i reset my pc completely, deleting everything and starting fresh. Before I begin, I have my regular WiFi, and then a WiFi extender, and two desktops at home, my personal one, and work one. I’m having issues with my personal on. Upon restarting I...
  19. G

    Reinstall network adapter

    I can’t get any networks and it says to reinstall my network adapter, but the files that YouTube videos say to update, aren’t on my computer, I connected a lan cord from my modem to my computer and the WiFi still doesn’t find any networks, I’m not sure what to do, can anyone help me out?
  20. michealfreeman

    Unable to connect - modem not detected

    My Windows Ultimate 32 bit I have had since 2010 is slow and freezes sometimes, but I'm having problems with the Internet. It doesn't automatically connect like it used to and the manual way didn't work either. Entering the ISP username and password didn't work. Restarting the computer didn't...