1. mgagneq

    RAM upgrade confusion /mobo sysinfo innacurate

    [Asus ROG Strix GL10CS][GL10CS-BS761-CB] I've been at this for at least 15 hours straight now, I'd love some input from someone more knowledgable. My machine is not giving accurate enough info for me to go for an upgrade. I just want to find the best RAM kit to max out what this mobo can...
  2. A

    Confused between them both

    Hi guys..!! I'm just in need of a advice from you people to clear my doubt about which laptop to buy between them both. As I have thought a lot about it and can't really decide on which one to go with, so I need your help to buy the best out of both of these laptops. The laptops are Asus ROG...
  3. E

    Solved What`s with this message from Malwarebytes about this site?

    I just downloaded the newer version of Malwarebites and when I begin surfacing the Net most everything is being blocked. Saying things such as websites may be a fraud and so forth and so on. I am posting this link that flashed on my page when I logged-in here at tech support guy forums. Any...
  4. B

    Not sure which processor will work

    Good day all, I am currently building a Frankenstein computer, and I got a Mobo Model Number (ookt260), and when I look up schematics it says it is a LGA1350, but then I google imaged a pic of just the processor spot without the processor, it came up with my Mobo, and says 1355. I don't want...
  5. T

    Laptop Screen Randomly Turns Off!

    I own an Alienware 13 R3; just got it today. For some reason, the screen keeps turning off when a notification pops up, or when I click on links on youtube, twitch or google. (other sites as well, but I don't think it's important) I have disabled a 'Tobii' software thinking it was the main...
  6. O

    Steam Fatal Error: Steam needs to be online to update.

    Every time I launch steam to check games to download it continues to pop up with the error saying "Steam - Fatal Error: Steam needs to be online to update. Please check your network connectivity and try again." I followed tutorials online and none of them worked and I'm getting really confused...
  7. S

    What is a third party developer?

    This website I go on regularly called Wire Club said service is unavailable yesterday. I freaked out because I wanted to go on it. Now I can't and I'm still confused. How long do these things take ?someone told ,e its service overload or maitence but the Facebook page said that it was a third...
  8. B

    Hardware driver

    Hi my name is Shelena. I recently updated my windows 7software on my HP notebook and now it's stating that my enternet pci and network driver is not installed can't connect to the internet or anything please help.