1. E

    Can't connect to calls properly

    Hello. My notebook is 2 days old. The wifi connection is perfectly fine (I ran a speedtest) and it all seems just fine. Except for one thing. Calling on discord is virtually impossible. Everytime I speak, my ping spikes, and my connection bar goes down to red. Adobe connect losing connection...
  2. K

    Viglen Connect 10" Tablet

    I bought one of these and it had windows 10 installed but the touchscreen and the sound just wouldn't work, I managed to the drivers for the touchscreen but the sound was just a problem and I've seen this is the issue for many others, tried for ages, everything on the net, nothing worked. Today...
  3. A

    Can't connect to steam servers using one network !

    Hello everyone , I hope you're having a great day and i thank you for reading my thread and trying to help me hopefully find a solution . Okay before i start i'll say that i had this problem of mine before then it suddenly dissapeared so that it reappears 2-3 days before today . Basically...
  4. M

    Cant connect two laptops (in order to have dual monitors)

    Have a Razer Blade and Lenovo. Want to use Lenovo as secondary monitor to extend screen and ease tasks. Have tried everything suggested online to do this with no luck. Any advice?
  5. A

    Mobile control from laptop via bluetooth

    Hi, my screen on phone is broken and usb debugging is turned off so i can t get in or control it, but i forgot turn off bluetooth and now mobile is still paired and connected to laptop via bluetooth. Is there any app for it ? Because i can t find any
  6. B

    No signal

    I just built my first pc, and when I power it up everything turns on, but the graphics card can only spins for a few seconds then stops. My graphics card is a Asus Dual GeForce rtx 2070 and motherboard ASUS prime z390-p. Also when it’s plugged into the monitor I have no signal no matter what...
  7. A

    Unable to connect Espon WF2630 printer to laptop

    Good Evening! I am currently at my sister's house with a BIG case tomorrow morning and I CANNOT for the life of me, connect my laptop to her Epson WF2630. It goes through the process without any problems until the end when my laptop is trying to connect to the printer wirelessly. I'm about to...
  8. Hennazxo

    Laptop won’t connect to home wifi

    im struggling to connect my laptop to WiFi as it will not recognise it unless I’m right next to the router. The WiFi works fine on all other devices but not my laptop. Any ideas? Edit: HP notebook running on windows 10. Also found out my laptop won’t seem to install updates. Seems to be stuck...
  9. Lanaya

    PC can't connect to a certain wifi but my other devices can.

    Hey, I'm a bit of a tech idiot so I'm in a pretty bad spot right now. The thing is, I'm trying to connect to a wifi that requires a username and password, I've used this wifi before and been using it for almost a year but then it suddenly stops working and window 10 just tells me "can't connect...
  10. AmadeusLee

    Connect WAMP Server/Virtual Host/local Word Press to GoDaddy

    Connect WAMP Server/Virtual Host/local Word Press to GoDaddy. Dear PLANET ! my name is Amadeus, We are starting a self funded animal rescue center, We have purchased out own servers, and are pretty tech savy. We have run across something we can not figure out. Here is our Set up...
  11. bananasonbread


    I was busy plugging in speakers because I have a friend coming over and accidentaly disconnected the hdmi cable. Now after plugging it back into the tower my moniter won't display anything. The wiring isn't damaged and the monitor is set to "HDMI>PC". I tried "HDMI>AV" to see if anything changed...
  12. B

    Connecting PC speakers to TV & PS4

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this but it's worth a try. I recently bought some new speakers (Logitech Z533 2.1 speaker system) to play music. They work great but I then thought it would be good to hook them up to my TV and PS4 as well. My TV (LG 42" ls3450) however, has no audio...
  13. A

    how to connect regular mic to samsung tv ?

    hello, im trying to connect a mic to my tv for karaoke for the holidays but am unable to find which cables are needed to be able to do this. please help? would it be rca a/v cables?
  14. O

    Intermittent Wifi connection on my laptop

    Specs: Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, 64 bit Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4510U CPU @ 2.00GHz, Intel64 Family 6 Model 69 Stepping 1 Processor Count: 4 RAM: 8084 Mb Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics Family, 1024 Mb Hard Drives: C...
  15. S

    Can only connect to internet explorer but no other browsers

    hello, I've been having this problem for a couple of days where my internet can only connect to explorer however it won't let me connect to any other browsers or programs... I've done dozens of virus and malware scans and got rid of any viruses and ad ware however I don't know how to fix my...
  16. V

    Connecting a Gaming Laptop to a Monitor

    I have a gaming laptop (ASUS ROG GL552) that has so far played games like sleeping dogs, arkham origins, and skyrim pretty nicely on medium to low settings (which is perfectly cool with me). I would guess that my laptop never goes above 60 degrees Celcius (140 Farenheit) while playing these...
  17. B

    Can't see the wifi but can connect via ethernet

    Hello. I recently moved in with a friend. I can't see the internet on my wifi list but I can connect with cable. My laptop has no problem connecting or finding other wifi, the only issue is with this one. I would really like to connect wireless. BTW, my laptop runs Windows 10. Any help would be...
  18. EvangeliusAg

    Cannot TYPE into Network Security Key field, Win10

    Here's a fun one for a Wednesday afternoon. I've got a Lenovo Thinkpad x230 running Windows 10. It's a little old, a little finicky. It has one truly CHARMING problem. When I go to connect to a secured network whose password I do not already have, Windows asks first if I'd like to connect...
  19. R

    Please Explain Second Connect

    My current ISP has ridiculously slow speeds but I guess for now I can live with that. My current router is a modem/router combo they provided and just can't handle the traffic at our house. They did say that something they can do to help is provide something called Second Connect. They...
  20. M

    Slow WiFi on desktop at home only

    Okay so I've been battling this issue for months on end to on avail. I've got a Gigabyte BC-WB867D-I wireless adapter in my desktop. I've taken it to multiple places and it reached 30 mpbs + download speeds but when I'm at home I get maybe 3 mbps download if I'm lucky. I don't think its our isp...