connecting to wifi

  1. D

    NETGEAR WiFi USB Adapter Issues

    hey there, so I have a NETGEAR WiFi USB Adapter, and it gives my PC WiFi obviously. So recently it just disconnected from my computer and wasn’t able to connect to the WiFi anymore, so I tried to restart the PC then the motem and that didn’t work. So I uninstalled the software for it I believe...
  2. Lanaya

    PC can't connect to a certain wifi but my other devices can.

    Hey, I'm a bit of a tech idiot so I'm in a pretty bad spot right now. The thing is, I'm trying to connect to a wifi that requires a username and password, I've used this wifi before and been using it for almost a year but then it suddenly stops working and window 10 just tells me "can't connect...
  3. elloco445

    wifi problem

    hi, i have a problem with my wifi connection on my laptop, my laptop isnt responding well to my wifi connection , even the other laptops and devices the wifi is runing very well . i have a slow conection on my laptop and some webpages take a very long time to load , some of them tell me to check...
  4. L

    Can't connect my acer laptop to wifi

    My acer aspire es15 laptop will not connect to my wifi at home since I connected to another wifi recently. It will pick up the wifi by when I go to connect it says limited and when I run windows network diagnostics I get the following messages: Problem with wireless adapter or access point And...