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    Connecting roku to projector that with rca input

    How can I connect my roku with a HDMI to my projector via rca input the cheapest easiest way?
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    Nighthawk R7000

    Hello all! I have a router that I haven't used in a few years, it was boxed up in storage and I just came across it. It's a Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 model R7000. I purchased this while I was with my previous boyfriend. He was a big time gamer and very tech savvy. He did all the set up and...
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    (Probably Quite Easy) Connectivity Question

    Hiya! I've just today moved into an apartment building that was recently rebuilt. The living room is set up with an Ethernet wall jack, and my landlord informed me that I only need to "bring a router, enter the code on your router's bottom, and connect". This didn't work. I've never dealt with...
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    dazed and confused

    Laptop connects to my secure wireless router (with asking for password?) and it shows the little blue symbol that it is connected, but you can't get the internet. I have disconnected and reconnected and it still will auto connect to a secure network, but won't open browser, etc..... Thank you!
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    how do you get two computers to see each other

    I need to connect two computers but they are connected to two different mottems. one mottem is supposed to be bridged to the other. but i cant get either computer to see the other. niether computer has wifi abilities, why they are connected to two differnt mottems. i have no clue how to get them...
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    trouble connecting my monitor to

    my monitor wont display my computer when connected with a dvi-d cable. the monitor has a dvi-i dual link and so does the computer the computer also has a dvi-d dual link
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    New Computer restarts when connecting to internet

    Hello, I'm going to start this thread by telling that I have the same problem that another user that was helped by this wonderful community. Here is the thread: Some additional information: I have tried...