connection drops

  1. deezlo89

    Can someone tell me what this mean

    I've had on going connection issues for months. i constantly have to reboot my modem for it to work properly. i recently fond this log and was wondering if it was showing the issue im having
  2. E

    Intermittent Internet Connection

    I have a Windows 10 PC running on a wired connection using powerline adapters, one connected to my PC and the other to our modem. The connection drops at seemingly random times and will stay that way until I wait long enough or manually reset the connection by unplugging/replugging one of the...
  3. O

    Internet stops recieving and sending packet

    hi there,im trying to find a solution about this! i play a lot of games such fortnite ,csgo,lol and when i play the ping is 40 and for one moment the game just stops because it doesnt recieve packet and send it,im using a wifi adapter usb which name is hiro 433mbs,and when i play fortnite just...
  4. Dougie404

    Windows 10 WiFi Problem

    Hi I have been having a problem with my WiFi, I can be browsing the internet and then my WiFi will suddenly turn off and turn on again. When this happens a yellow triangle does appear but I haven't been able to get a screenshot yet. Sometimes the WiFi will also turn off and not reconnect. I have...
  5. P

    Losing internet connection when I play D3 or stream movies

    Whenever I play D3 I lost the internet connection on my computer. My roommates both play Dota 2 and CS:GO but they never lose connection. I even tried getting on while they are not on. My ping is usually around 90-135 while on D3 and I still lose connection. We called Comcast, everything's good...