connection problem

  1. M

    Wifi keeps dropping randomly and can't connect to internet

    my laptop WIFI connection keeps dropping randomly to just 2 or 1 bar and i can't connect to internet at all, but after a few seconds it turns back online or if i disconnect and connect the wifi again. it's very annoying especially when i'm playing/talking online. sometimes it happens every few...
  2. I

    Hardware problem

    Hii sir, my computer is not starting instead it is displaying "cable not connected" and even i have replaced the display cable with the new one but no use at all. Can u please help me to solve this problem?
  3. G

    Disconnection problem in CSGO. Disconnecting after ~15mins.

    Hello, a while back our internet started to behave weirdly and we had had a technician check it out but the problem returned some time later and the technician kinda fixed it and replaced our old router with a new one, supposedly. I started playing CS GO again after a long break but I did not...
  4. elloco445

    wifi problem

    hi, i have a problem with my wifi connection on my laptop, my laptop isnt responding well to my wifi connection , even the other laptops and devices the wifi is runing very well . i have a slow conection on my laptop and some webpages take a very long time to load , some of them tell me to check...
  5. S

    Can't connect to the internet

    Last night the power went out at my college 3 times in quick succession, and I was on my laptop at the time. I was connected to the internet via Ethernet, but was doing offline stuff. This morning I woke up to find that I couldn't connect to any of the 3 wifi services on campus, or connect with...
  6. C

    PS3 gamepad not recognised by PC

    Hi, Happy New Year! Anyway, I have a Sony PS3 gamepad that I am attempting to use on my PC but the PC doesn't even recognise that it is plugged into the USB connection (front and back). In Device Manager, there is nothing under sound, video and game controllers. Under Universal Serial Bus...
  7. M

    can not connect

    i am currently trying to help a friend get his toshiba satellite laptop to connect to the internet and so far i have had no luck. modem and connections are correct. i have an issue updating the network adapters for his pc tho it says access denied. it says it is a microsoft virtual wifi miniport...
  8. A

    Motherboard and Power Supply connection Problem

    Hello, I have recently built my first pc with an ASUS Z170-AR Motherboard and a EVGA 500B Power supply. The MOBO has a EATX12V connector and the PSU only has a EPS12V connector. I assumed that it didn't matter (even though the square hole didn't match the "D" ones) so I have connected these...