connectivity issues

  1. R

    Solved Computers internet has slowed down dramatically

    I had my computer built using CyberPower around december, and after a month my internet speeds started to decline dramatically, to the point where now i can't even play a game like minecraft or go onto discord without major connection issues. I ran an internet speed test several times, one two...
  2. S

    Laptop, Wi Fi connectivity issues

    I'm not sure where to post this, I'm new. If it is in the wrong place please feel free to direct me to the correct place. My Laptop is having difficulty connecting to Wi Fi. It suddenly stopped working while connected to one network It would connect to the data hot spot from my phone but this...
  3. Hariszz

    Issues with WiFi

    Hey, I have faced some issues with my router. PC, connected via LAN gets good connection and speed, but when connected via WiFi, speed drastically drops down at some times, disregarding the location. WiFi signal strenght is good, 5/5, but sometimes I get very low download/upload speeds. For...
  4. J

    Having to reset Comcast router nearly every day

    Hi. I am having an issue and I don't know how to solve it. We live in an older house and originally I was having trouble staying connected, and so was everyone else in the house no matter the location, so I installed a TP Link wall outlet signal enhancer. This was working pretty well for a few...