1. TDMoor

    Solved Connection Not Private For Only

    Hello everyone, I've been struggling with a problem since 20 Jan '21. Every time I try to visit, I receive the "NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID" error. When I dig deeper, visiting seems to want to redirect me to (I live in the country Georgia, far away from...
  2. M

    Computer can connect to some web sites, but not others

    I've been working with computers for 30 years, and this is the strangest problem I've encountered. A couple of weeks ago, my desktop PC (Windows 10, Intel i7, 16GB RAM) could not connect to any internet site. After mussing with settings I am now at the point where it will connect to some sites...
  3. J

    WiFi connectivity

    Hey, I’ve recently bought a new PC, I was connected to my WiFi perfectly until i started messing around with my IP settings(I know I shouldn’t have). I’ve reset my winsock, IP address and factory reset my PC. It now lets me connect to the network but not to the internet. Any suggestions...
  4. Hariszz

    Issues with WiFi

    Hey, I have faced some issues with my router. PC, connected via LAN gets good connection and speed, but when connected via WiFi, speed drastically drops down at some times, disregarding the location. WiFi signal strenght is good, 5/5, but sometimes I get very low download/upload speeds. For...
  5. L

    Home Networking

    I have the Comcast xFinity supplied dual band router and have multiple devices connected via the home network (10 Alexa devices, multiple smart outlets, 3 computers, 2 iPhones, security systems, printers, locks, etc.). Even before adding so many devices I’ve had issues with computers, phones...
  6. A

    I can’t connect to the internet

    Hello, Whenever I connect to the internet, no matter what the website it says “There is a problem with this websites security certificate”. Please can someone help? I’m not great with computers Thank you Ali
  7. A

    Solved Took too long to respond

    Hello I am currently having a problem where I cannot reach any website. I get a "took too long to respond error." This happens on both chrome and Firefox on any website I attempt to connect to. What confuses me is that I am able to successfully ping from command prompt but am unable...
  8. D

    New Not sure if this is a virus or what

    So here's a problem I've had about the past week or so: Using Chrome, it randomly crashes about 1-2x per day. Completely out of the blue. I can't identify anything that triggers it. When it crashes, I also temporarily lose internet connectivity (for a few mins). Sometimes, enabling and...
  9. F

    Solved Home Network Connectivity Issues

    I have one PC hardwired on the network at home that frequently loses connection and has to be manhandled before I can eventually get it to reconnect. If I run the troubleshooting wizard, when it goes to reset the network adapter, afterward it will claim no Ethernet cable is connected until I...
  10. B

    Solved WiFi connectivity major problems

    Hi, This may get a little long but I need to give all details so that things that I've already tried aren't suggested again. I traveled abroad, and once I reached an airport outside of Europe I found that I could no longer connect to internet. On start up, I have the WiFi icon in the bottom...
  11. A

    New intermittent cable run

    Hello, I am currently attempting to run a new run with 2 new cables and an existing good cable. This run extends about 100 feet and runs through 2 cheap connectors ( This run connects 2 different routers at opposite ends...
  12. Cmoor

    Limited/No Internet Connection

    Hello, my issues seems to be a little bit of everything revolving one issue. Main thing, no internet connectivity in Windows 10. I had just bought a new Wi-Fi PCI card to replace another one. Main reason I wanted a new one was because of the antenna length. Hoping for better connectivity. Go...
  13. J

    Ethernet Trouble With Mac

    Hi! So I'm not at all good with computers but recently I got an Ethernet plug and wanted use it with my mac. I connected the plug without using an adaptor and the Ethernet seems to connect just fine, however, I can't use google chrome or safari as every time I try to search it says something...
  14. M

    Solved Devices can't connect to wifi

    A few days ago, the router somehow factory reset itself and so the wifi name changed back to its original name. As of two days ago, devices have not been able to connect to the wifi. The link light on the modem is off and the Internet light on the router is off. Even after shutting off and...
  15. oneblack

    Solved Outlook 2016 connection timing out

    I need help! Ever since Office updated to 2016, Outlook will not remain connected to my network. The network cuts out, then connects, then cuts out again, sometimes for extended periods, and I cannot receive email unless I close and restart the program. All other network functions are normal...
  16. R

    LG Volt Wi-Fi Issues

    My father, sister, and I all have the LG Volt (Running off of Textnow because it works well in our area and is cheap) and all of our devices quite suddenly stopped working well with our Wi-Fi. It's Windstream Internet Wi-Fi. Every time we try to use the internet, it tells us we have no...
  17. J

    Sporadic connectivity

    There are several devices that are connected to the router using a wireless connection. All have stable access except my desktop. It will work for a few minutes, ant then just lose connectivity. When i hover the mouse over the connection it reads the name of the connecting router, says internet...
  18. V

    Can't connect to youtube

    For past one month I can't connect to youtube. I tried to connect with both opera and chrome. I can connect to google, gmail and other websites. Can anyone help me pls
  19. K

    Ipv4 no internet but ipv6 has internet

    I have absolutely no idea how to go on. AT&T has came out and resetted the router 8 times now, still no success. It would work for some time after reset, then goes back to not working. Please help!
  20. P

    WiFi Connecting to Phone but not to Laptop

    I have a router which I just reconfigured and set up. I had to reboot it because it decided to stop working recently (used to work fine on all wireless devices before)and now it connects to my phone OK but not to the laptop. Error msg says unable to connect to WiFi network and eventually...