1. P

    WiFi Connecting to Phone but not to Laptop

    I have a router which I just reconfigured and set up. I had to reboot it because it decided to stop working recently (used to work fine on all wireless devices before)and now it connects to my phone OK but not to the laptop. Error msg says unable to connect to WiFi network and eventually...
  2. G

    PLEASE HELP!! Dell Laptop Won't Connect to Internet.

    I am referencing a 3 yr old Dell Inspiron 3520. It's running on Windows 10. The laptop was working fine, if not a little patchy yesterday, I closed it, then opened it up about 20 minutes later and suddenly it wouldn't connect to the internet. On the bottom bar, the Wi-Fi connection symbol has an...
  3. FlagrantPilgrim


    I'm getting this on every website except Facebook and a handful of small news sites. On YouTube, on Google, Bing, Twitter, BBC, NYTimes, Washington Post and many others I'm getting NXDOMAIN. I've tried every command console command I've been told to, ipconfig /flushdns, /release, /renew, netsh...