control panel

  1. L

    Problem in Control Panel>Hardware & Sound>Sound>Recording

    I have this guitar amp that can act like a usb mic, but when I go to disable my regular laptop mic in Control Panel>Hardware & sound>Sound>recording, whenever I right click my mic and click "Disable" Nothing happens! Same situation when I try to enable my amplifier in recording. I click "Enable"...
  2. Jamzy1234

    Turning off Toggle Keys!

    Hi I have an ASUS laptop which runs windows 10 but does not have a CAPS/NUM/SCROLL lock indicator light. So naturally I enabled toggle keys, however 6 months on and the constant, irritating beep each time I press a button I need is starting to drive me insane. I have previously researched how to...
  3. R

    Win7 cannot access Control Panel, C:,or any folder

    I can't get into any folders, or even the control panel. Everything works fine in safe mode. I can click on a picture and it will open, I can search for a game and it will open, I can even launch config.sys or CMD. When I click on computer or any other folder, the folder appears and spins the...