1. Jgamer1997

    .NET Framework error in SCP DS3 Driver

    So I've been trying to use my dualshock 3 controller on my pc for a while now but every time I try to run the SCP toolkit driver, this error pops up. I checked already and my pc already has the required .NET Framework version installed. I made this work on other pc's before and I don't...
  2. A

    USB not connecting and not showing up in device manager

    I am trying to connect an xbox one controller into my computer to play a certain game. However, when I plug the USB in, it does not show up on my PC or in device manager. My mouse, keyboard and all my other peripherals are working fine, but not my controller. I have tried using multiple...
  3. R

    How to play Fortnite for iPhone on a terios t9 controller

    I don’t know how to use the controller to play Fortnite. The game hasn’t provided support for this particular controller but I want to know if there is a way around it
  4. H

    USB Controller Right Analog Problem

    Hello. I had a Black Copper DualShock Controller which worked perfectly for 2 years but now its not working. Since then I have tried buying 2 more controllers but both are having the same problem i.e. Right Analog stick is not working properly. Like in Fifa 17 it is automatically perfoming...
  5. S

    Help this poor imbicile!!!

    Hello, i have a pc controller, and i want to be recognized as a dualshock4 controller when connected to pc. long story short, how can i change its driver?
  6. J

    Network "Controller"

    So my dad has this Network "Controller" that decides when my network for my computer gets closed. The network doesn't really get closed, but I cant access anything on the Internet, games etc. But I can still connect to remote desktop that is localy plased in our house (it uses the same network...
  7. G

    Xbox controller

    Hello guys I want to buy Xbox controller for my laptop Windows 10. Can anyone help me which one I should take from this two websites ...
  8. B

    My pc recognizes my controller as player 2

    I have tried to play black ops 2 on pc with many different controllers including a xbox usb made for pc and a ps4 controller with ds4 but black op 2 doesnt recognize any of them. I have tried validating the files and re-installing it but it didnt work. Also when I try to use my controller on...
  9. L

    Playstation 4 Dualshock 4 controller continuous disconnects

    Hi, I'll try to get everything down so far and feel free to ask questions so I can fill in the blanks. I've got a decent PC, it was custom built by my brother who is a bit more techy than me. Despite this, I only really play one game. Final Fantasy XIV: Online Heavensward.I've played this with...
  10. T

    Solved Can't click on anything other than my desktop unless...

    I use control alt delete and hit cancel. Only then can I click on things. I am going to be copying and pasting from another forum that I posted on because this issue is complex and has a lot of variables that aren't adding up for me. -I can right click and left click and drag and launch items...
  11. C

    Using Xbox One Controller on PC

    I want to use my XB1 controlled on my laptop but it hasn't been working. I use Windows 7 Professional and apparently it should support it. I use a micro usb to connect it but the computer can't find the driver. I tried following the instructions on Microsofts website to install the driver I need...
  12. M

    What kind of cable is this? (Please help)

    So I recently bought an old Saitek ST110 Joystick controller but I have no idea what the cable is or how I will convert it to my modern laptop/desktop computers. If anyone could tell me what this is I would greatly appreciate it! o_O
  13. X

    PS4 Controller Won't Connect.

    So a few days back I wanted To use my PS4 controller games on my PC, so I was successful connecting it to my PC using a program called DS4 Windows. Then yesterday I went to play on my PS4 and i noticed my controller didn't connect to my PS4. I tried using a micro usb, reset the controller, but...