1. A

    How to convert Excel into GPX

    Hello, I have almost 500 lat and long coordinates in an excel sheet that I need converted from their current state (excel) into gpx so I can load into a marine GPS. Does anyone know how to convert these or a program that can assist me? I cant imagine spending 3 days manually entering them...
  2. S

    Image Processing

    Hi, I need to know that, is it possible to convert an Excel Image File to an Excel File. Kindly help me to make my job easy.
  3. Lee Lewis

    File converter for .msf files

    i downloaded all my files from my old microsoft computer to new MacBook Air. The process went fine, but transferred a lot of .msf files that are unreadable. To my surprise, A few of them are document files. Knowing nothing in life is free, I prefer to buy apps rather than download the free...
  4. C

    Need desperate help with DSS/DS2 conversion

    I need to work out of the office for a while for personal reasons and really need some support. At work, my boss uses ODMS software for me to do transcriptions. He puts his recorder in my dock connected to the computer. I have it so that the recording will be sent to my home email in ds2 format...
  5. M

    How to export Outlook Email to PDF Adobe

    Hi, I am using Outlook 2013 and have thousands of .msg emails which are important for me. Now I am having requirement to export them into PDF with attachments. I tried to find solution for that but could not get success. Is there any way which can easily export Outlook Email to PDF with...
  6. N

    How to Understand XML Format?

    Guys i need help. I have a file thats in .XML format and its completely in code. I believe that it is supposed to be in a table format or in a nice document and not in code! please help this is urgent
  7. K

    Powerbank Compatibility (Replacement Power Supply)

    Hi, I am planning on buying a portable wall charger/powerbank and I just want to make sure it won't reduce my phone's battery life in the long run. The phone I have is a BLU Energy XL, which came with a 9V/2A charger that plugs into the wall. However, the powerbank that I am most interested in...