1. V

    How to convert a TIF file with text to Excel file on a MAC?

    I have a TIF file image with some text in a table that I need to make into an Excel (or Word) i.e. text must be able to be edited so it can't just be an image in Excel or Word. I am using a MAC. I don't want to type everything into Excel or Word. I need to have this done in the next couple days...
  2. C

    Unsure how to convert an ASCII file to an Excel file

    Hi, I am not particularly tech savvy and I'm trying to export contacts from an outdated Customer Management program into a csv file so I can upload them into a more current program. You can only export them into an ASCII format and I have no idea how to sort it out in excel. Any help is greatly...
  3. F

    Camera Connectivity- HDMI to SDI Dilema

    Hello I recently bought cameras, along with a capture device that is an HDMI to SDI converter. That being said, I am having a little difficulty solving a problem I have. First of all, my computer is an all-in-one (no case, only monitor). Since it is like this, I can't just simply buy an SDI...
  4. espinoalu

    I am looking for a file converter

    Hi, I am looking for a good, free, ost to pst converter But I've been having trouble finding the right one. I am trying to convert a .ost file to .pst. Can anyone recommend any? Thanks in advance
  5. C

    Youtube to DVD

    Hi, can you help me convert my Youtube videos that I posted on my channel to a DVD or CD? Also I need assistance with the video I just uploaded to my computer to a DVD/CD.
  6. T

    Couldn't find a category for my question, it is about HDMI

    I need help with my computer because it doesn't have an HDMI port. I had no idea that it didn't have one until I needed it. When I bought it, I figured that all new computers had one so it wasn't even a thought. I have seen the converters for USB to HDMI but they are a little pricey. I was...