1. pranilkharche

    Guys Please Help My CPU THrottles down to 0.79 ghz

    Guys Please HElp My CPU THrottles down to 0.79 ghz I Tried Throttle Stop but NOT WORKS ONLY THING WORKS is when I first run into BIOS then i wait for fans to move and Click Save And Exit and Then It Runs Normally.But As i remove or attach AC to it, It behaves like again the same :/
  2. V

    PC stops working while processing heavy tasks

    I built my desktop recently (AMD r5 1600+Gigabyte B350M GAMING+Crucial 8GBx2 DDR4 RAM 2400MHz+Crucial 275GB SSD+Seagate 1TB HDD+Gigabyte GTX 1070+EVGA 500W power supply). In the first two weeks it worked well even when I play AAA games with all high video setting (such as Watch Dog 2) but since...
  3. D

    wire disconnected from cooler, please help

    i was cleaning the fans on my radiator and when i went back to install the cooling system again the cooler wasn't working. i opened up the part that goes on the cpu and found that one wire had become disconnected and another was loose with a glue-like substance on it. is there anything i can do...
  4. D

    Unusual cooling problem

    Some backstory. I have had this laptop for 3 years now been using it for gaming and photo editing mostly, it has never been very good at keeping itself cool with its 1 little laptop fan and the fan stand thing I had it sitting on. A little over a month ago though the fan started making a really...
  5. J

    please help case fan not spining

    please help case fan not spining my rear sys fan is not spinning but the top one is I have tried all ports on motherboard and none seem to be working i built this pc 5 days ago and had know problems with it untill now how it all started: i started my computer up as normal and then when i go...
  6. A

    Solved CPU Temperature Problems

    Hello, community I've got a problem with my CPU temperatures. My CPU is burning and i dont know why. Since I built my PC I had no single problem or at least I didnt know I have. I've tried multiple times to mount and demount my stock Intel CPU cooler while using CM Thermal Paste, but it didnt...
  7. L

    HP Notebook 2000 cooling fan error and retrieving files

    Notebook 2000-2d22DX, Windows 10. I got an error message during startup after a day or so in which I was unable to start windows ('The system has detected that a cooling fan is not operating correctly. Continued operation is not recommended and may cause unpredictable behavior that could result...
  8. L

    startup trouble, cooling fan error

    2 days ago my HP Notebook 2000 (Windows 10) began making a loud whirring noise- later in the day after I opened it instead of going to the login page it got stuck on an orange screen with a spinning wheel. After I turned it off manually then on again it got to the hp page, followed by a dark...
  9. tehdansorz

    Solved Cooler Master Seidon 120v not cooling

    I've recently acquired a Cooler Master Seidon 120v and am currently trying to install it on my ASRock Fatal1ty z97 Gaming motherboard. I've connected the pump to the first chassis fan and the radiator to the first CPU fan slot. Upon booting to the BIOS my CPU temperature keeps rising, I've seen...
  10. F

    Cooling System for a Closed TV Stand

    Hey there - I just got a new TV stand and I love the aesthetic, but unfortunately it's much warmer than what my Xbox/cable box would like it to be, and I'd like to set up an autonomous cooling system in the back of it. There are already some nice sized slots for cable management, and I've...