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    Can it be fixed

    my rabbits chewed through my razer keyboards cord can it be fixed ?
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    NEED HELP cant identify cord/ords

    Okay, so I have went and bought a new power supply, a TR2 series 430w thermaltake. My motherboard has a female port/plug thing that has 4 holes and is white, I need to know what it is and tge name so I can buy an adapter! The motherboard is the standard optiplex 390 mother board.
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    Need help with new gpu cords

    Okay so I recently got a gtx 650 that came with a 6 pin to 4 pin molex converter, but my motherboard is a bit old and I have nowhere to plug it in! Please tell me what converters I can buy or what I can to to make it work, thanks!
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    Bad psu or bad power cord?

    Ok so, on May i got a new psu because my previous one was dying. My current psu is a NOD ATX 450w [psu-004], i know it's cheap but so far i experienced no problems, it's pretty silence and all, computer runs fine (kind of slow but it's old). The previous week i moved my pc only a tiny bit...
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    Compatibility: HP Pavilion power cords

    Hello! Thanks for reading. I'd like advice on buying a few new adapters / power cords for my HP Pavilion laptop (15-ab065us). The HP site recommends parts #741727-001 (adapter, cord to computer) and #755530-001 (cord to outlet); great, but to buy them on the HP site would cost 4x what it would...