corrupt flash drive

  1. A

    Flash Drive ReadOnly, file/directory is corrupted and unread

    I have a 1TB Flash drive that currently has the "file/directory is corrupted and unreadable" error. I have used the chkdsk command but to no avail due to "read-only" status on my flash drive. When I tried using diskpart to remove the read-only attribute on my flash drive, the "current read-only...
  2. T

    Micro SD card file problems

    I currently have a 64 GB SanDisk micro SDcard that whenever I attempt to open the drive it prompts me with "You need to format the disk in drive E: before you can use it. Do you want to format it?" I need all or most of the files in the card, so wiping the drive isn't an option. I was using...
  3. F

    Cannot open files in portable hard drive

    I have an old WD passport portable hard drive and it has been years since I have opened it because some file issues. I now want to fix it but is still having the same problem. They may be corrupt files and it will not allow me to open any of my photos. I tried to repair it with EaseUS but I...
  4. xITmasterx

    Stubborn Flash Drive Problem in RiDATA Flash Drive

    So, I got a RiDATA 32GB flashdrive, FAT32 formatted, when suddenly, all my files went corrupt, then the flashdrive went to Read Only, RAW status. I have tried wiping clean the partition and crating a new partition out of it, but it ultimately failed as the flash drive didn't repair itself after...