1. G

    External Hard Drive issue maybe

    I had an old laptop, was very slow many problems with it. When trying to move files onto a external hard drive, the laptop would freeze and not work until I pull the cable out from the external drive. I'd love to check the external drive but I'm scared to plug it into my good computer. Any advice?
  2. W

    Corrupted photos!!

    Hi, my cat jumped on my laptop and dropped it! the hard disk was damaged, the tech guy ( who is not that professional) restored all what saved in the disk and transfer it to external hard disk. all my photos were there, but all were corrupted! those photos all what left from my house which...
  3. P

    Video files in my usb drive get corrupted sometimes

    sometimes when videos are installed on my usb drive and when i check to open them theyre corrupted, i even bought movies installed it on the same usb and basically wasted my money, i formatted it and ased googl for help but na nobody had the same issue im dumb ad expllaing and great at grammar...
  4. Paul23

    Solved Restoring a corrupted Windows 10 copy with Win 10 disk

    I have a question about the command sfc /scannow /offbootdir=C:\ /offwindir=D:\Windows When trying to copy good files back on an existing, but corrupted copy of Windows from a disk or stick pen copy of windows. Lets say my stick pen copy of Windows 10 is on Drive L: My corrupted copy of...
  5. H

    SD Card Error - File Extensions Changed, Error 0x80070570

    First timer here, so please bear with me. Any help you can offer is MUCH appreciated! Some of the files on my SD card have changed file extensions and appear corrupted (the modified dates are wonky and the file sizes are off). For example, a file that was formerly IMG_3324.JPG is now...
  6. M

    Corrupted Files HELP ME!

    Hello, I am in desperate need of help. I am working on excel and I saved my work all directly to a flash drive. Then out of no where the excel file becomes corrupted. I can not open it or anything. I also made a pdf file version of the excel and that is also damaged. I at least need one of them...
  7. I

    Recover Corrupted Excel Files (password protected)

    Hi, I have encountered this problem which is bugging me for days now. I was just creating back ups of my files to a different location of my PC (diff. partition, to be exact), the usual copy and paste. After a few minutes, I got this error that says 123.xlsx cannot be copied because the file...
  8. L

    New The font on my computer is 'corrupted' and I can't read it..

    Hi, wondering if anyone out there can help. I deleted my temp files, and then restarted my computer and now all the fonts on it an in 'wingdings' or something like that. Can anyone help?
  9. T

    Solved Problems with HDD , corrupted or virus?

    Good day, first... i have numerous problems with my HDD and i just want to say my english is not best... so lets get started... one day my HDD just stopped working for some reason and the first thing i wanted to try is to format it... but... it not worked... not even trough diskpart bcs it not...
  10. D

    Solved Corrupted File System after power loss

    I inadvertently flipped the circuit breaker while desktop PC was on. Error msg says file system is corrupted and recommends running disk check. I have opened Command Prompt, changed directory to root C: , then keyed chkdsk. When I enter that command, I get a message that my User Account (...
  11. R

    Possibly corrupt video files

    I transferred some videos from my phone to my computer and I think they may be corrupted, but I'm not sure, that's why I thought I'd ask, when I hover over the video files it says that the full amount is there, but the videos only play for 2 seconds then pause and skip to the end. Anything I can...
  12. P

    Unable to delete .out files from my recycle bin

    Hi All, On my windows server of my application, I logged in as an admin but I am unable to delete my files in recycle bin of E:/drive. They get deleted initially after few seconds they are back to their normal place. Suspecting my Recycle bin to be corrupted, I tried the command RD /S /Q...
  13. S

    Memory card corrupted?

    So I have a MicroSD memory card for my Gopro. I had a project in Premiere that I was working on. I open it, Premiere asks where the project source files are located, I select the memory card. It freezes. Then, I force close it. When I go look at the files on the memory card I see this...
  14. M

    RAM upgrading

    Hi! I have a HP Envy m6-n113dx. It has 6gb RAM. (2gb and 4gb sticks) I went out to good ole best buy and bought a PNY DDR3 8GB 1600MHz 1.35v stick and planned on using it with my 4gb stick. BUT when I when installed it with the 4gb stick my computer saw it, but only 3.5gb was usable and 8.5gb...