1. G

    External Hard Drive issue maybe

    I had an old laptop, was very slow many problems with it. When trying to move files onto a external hard drive, the laptop would freeze and not work until I pull the cable out from the external drive. I'd love to check the external drive but I'm scared to plug it into my good computer. Any advice?
  2. Nos482

    Android OS corrupted SD % partition

    [Abandoned due to physical weakness of product] Hello, not good at writing but here's the story: I have a 256GB micro SD card and installed android 7, iirc, so I could boot my notebook pc as android to utilize my Blutooth for something.. All is fine till it starts saying it must be formatted to...
  3. X

    Corrupted Photo Repair - Somewhat urgent

    An app I had corrupted all of my pictures and videos. I got a recovery app (EaseUS), and the scan was successful. I can see all of my images right there! Yet, when I try to "recover" them, it only shows me a red circle with an exclamation mark on the top of the image. I know there must be a way...
  4. I

    Solved Graphical Corruption

    So I finally converted to windows 10. Damn you Microsoft and your bs tactics. >,< After about a week I had just gotten everything installed and tweaked to my liking. For days all was well, until yesterday when I booted my computer to find all three monitors displaying this. I immediately thought...
  5. L

    Folder Corruption (Identity Crisis) on Flash Drive

    I'd been ignoring an error on my work flash drive for some time ("next time, right now I've got to do something...") and it finally corrupted. The folder I use the most was affected completely, and now thinks it's not a folder anymore. The used memory of my flash drive hasn't changed, so I...
  6. M

    Solved Strange File and Folder Names on Micro SD Card; Corruption??

    Hey guys I recently bought a 64 GB micro SD card for my phone, a Moto G3. Mounted it, formatted it, it worked fine, then yesterday when I tried to play some of my music and noticed that there were no songs in my library. The file manager on my phone said that the SD card had "0.00 B" of space...