1. G

    Windows 10 start button not working

    I have a Windows PC tablet with windows 10 I got it at Walmart it is cheap however it was $150 it’s a two and one the start up button will not work Cortana will not work. The company told me to reset it I did it is still not working. I also have a gateway a 2009 NV model and I can hear the...
  2. Y

    Computer not detecting audio input except for Cortanaa

    I have a Windows 10 computer, and yesterday afternoon as I was calling a friend, I realized that my microphone wasn't working. After hours of trying to fix it and looking at all the online solutions to no avail, I decided to come here to ask. So basically, Discord, Skype and all the other...
  3. Jitraa

    Cortana - Will deleting the Cortana file harm my laptop?

    First, I'd like to point out that I found and read this thread that, in the last post, tells me how to disable Cortana. But for me, that is not enough. I want her file gone completely. I opened the file location and moved Cortana's file onto my desktop. I've yet to...
  4. R

    Windows Start Search Not Functional

    Hello! I had to do a reformat of my hard drive and completed a fresh installation of Windows 10 Pro. One thing I noticed that I am now unable to go to Start, and then type in an application or command to open. The search box will not open at all. Furthermore, if I launch Cortana, and try to do...
  5. silverfang77

    Cortana continues to run, even after being disabled

    I have no use whatsoever for Cortana. I disabled her as per these instructions. However, when I check in Task Manager, Cortana and her process. When I clicked End Process, she went away, but then came right back, rather reminiscent of malware to me. How do I get this unwanted guest out of...
  6. D

    cortana has no voice

    sound works on everything else. microphone works Cortana responds in text--no voice
  7. spikehit

    Cortana malfunctioning on Desktop PC and Laptop

    Hi, I have been having a problem for months now with Cortana. Whenever I try to talk to her (Hey Cortana/Clicking the mic) she either completely closes her window off or gives me the error message "Something went wrong, please try again later". Exact same thing happening on my ASUS Laptop. This...