1. AlwaysBrian

    Solved DOCSIS DSG Filters over Tunnels?

    Hello and thanks for reading. During a 7 month long period from 2017/2018 I found an odd page on the Diagnostics menu from my Cox Communications set top box (STB). On a page set aside for 'DSG' filters, each with an assigned "Tunnel ID, application ID, MAC, Ports, Destination IP and Source...
  2. Farmgirl22

    Solved Need to purchase a new router+modem, but which one?

    Over the last two weeks I've spent more time with my modem/router unplugged (trying to get it to work) than plugged in. I think it's time to replace it, but I'm not sure with what. Full disclosure: we operate a business out of our home, which requires a fair amount of uploading scanned...
  3. J

    Belkin router not connecting online with Arris modem

    I recently purchased an Arris Surfboard SB6121 to replace my rental modem with Cox. I have registered the modem and can connect online while hardwired but my Belkin N150 will not connect to provide wifi. I've spent 2 hours dealing with Belkin and Cox but Belkin's solution was to extend my...