cpu issues

  1. A

    Keyboard problems

    Not working keyboard on my pc, even I can't choose bios or any function keys also, removed mobo battery and reinsert to reset default values, but no luck, keyboard works in other computer, change every port, ports are working fine, usb disk also working, mouse working, but only keyboard not...
  2. P

    Cpu Power Connector Isn't doing it's job

    Hey I'm new to pc building and my friend suggested me to buy pc parts. Biig mistake lol. SO my problem is that I plug everything in to the mother board, but once I plug the cpu power connector into the mother board and power supply it starts for 5 seconds and then shuts off for a few seconds...
  3. jhordeym

    Problem with fan and CPU drop on performance

    Hello guys, I'm new here I have an Acer VN7-591G Aspire V Nitro Black Edition, and for the past years, I been having a problem with CPU fan that triggers randomly (while playing games or in idle) and when that happens CPU performace drops drastically (becomes almost inusable). Might add that I...
  4. charlescdean

    CPU issues on new desktop PC (Windows 7)

    I recently bought a new Dell Optiplex, fairly high spec - 16Gb RAM, SSD drive, 3.1 Ghz Dual Core Pentium. It's been fine up until now but has started hanging when performing simple tasks (e.g. create new folder, rename folder etc.) I left task manager open whilst doing normal stuff (web...
  5. A

    Please Help Me with my PC

    This has been a problem for a whillee now. So basically it started with my gtx 750ti which used to work fine but outa nowhere my pc became unstable and i got a lot of lag and out of nowhere i encountered en issue where i couldnt boot with that specific gpu. however that gpu worked on my friends...