cpu throttling

  1. hosseinhanifi78

    Thermal Throttling

    Hello dear guys wish to be good all i have a problem with my CPU and wanted to mention here and get your suggestions i have asus n580 and bought last year i had p3d v4 (its flight simulator) and every thing was great performance good but 6 months ago I installed P3D V5 (its flight simulator...
  2. S

    CPU Throttling

    Hello guys I have this problem that started few days, suddenly I get fps drop when gaming and when I checked the task manager I noticed that my CPU is running on 500 Mhz. So I installed ThrottleStop and noticed that when this happen I had bd prochot so disabling it from ThrottleStop fix the...
  3. D

    CPU is thermal throttling? (Windows 10)

    So I built my PC just over a year ago and have had absolutely no issues with it, until about a week ago. I noticed that my PC was running slower than usual, I was getting FPS loss while gaming, and everything else lagged too - opening/closing programs, switching tabs, etc. After downloading a...