1. H

    My CPU has begun to get really hot

    Just a few days ago I began to experience a distinct drop in my computers peformance, and I could see that my CPU has indeed started to get really hot recently, however all my fans are working and i cleaned my computer not even a full month ago. Speccy snapshot attached as .txt. Thank you
  2. C

    Bottlenecking in Forza 4

    Hi I just recently have upgraded my cpu and gpu im still currently on ddr3 but I have a 1060 gaming x gpu and an fx8350 cpu. My cpu stays at a good temp. but for some odd reason my cpu skyrockets to 100 percent when im playing games such as forza 4 or cod warzone. I have 8gb ddr3 ram (Ripjaws)...
  3. jaybirdy1222

    My PC isn't seeing my monitors, mouse or keyboard

    I was using my PC and I left for max 30 minutes, and when I came back, PC and USB devices weren't working. It was as if they weren't even plugged in. All these devices still work, I tested them on a different computer. What's the issue? Windows 10 MSI 970A G43 Motherboard I have to use...
  4. khairil88

    My Laptop suddenly cut power for many times

    Hi im using Compaq Presario CQ45 and ive recently changed the processor from Intel Celeron to Intel i5 2410M. at first the laptop keeps cutting power all sudden in a few minutes of usage and ive monitor the temperature using speccy and its around 60-90°C so ive tried to change one of my 2gb RAM...
  5. A

    Should i overclock my CPU?

    Hello all. I just wanted to ask should i overclock my CPU? I have a AMD Ryzen 7 3700X on a ROG Strix X570-F motherboard. I use my PC for gaming. Many thanks :) DxDiag attached
  6. T

    New cpu trouble

    I recently purchased a new cpu 9th gen i5 9600k, I previously had the 8th gen i3 8600 checked my motherboard and it says on the gigabyte website that it was compatible, so I’ve been trying to update bios but it doesn’t seem to want to update at all. Doesn’t connect to any servers or isn’t able...
  7. N

    Having problem with MW with a GeForce RTX 2060 SUPER?

    Hello all, Roughly 8 months ago, I bought parts for a PC (parts listed below), and I have had problems running Modern Warfare ever since. I initially bought a ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1060 Mini, 3GB as my graphics card. It ran Modern Warfare at the bare minimum settings okay. I wanted better graphics...
  8. SnowFADE

    Solved CPU speed is rippling (Windows 10)

    Hello, I just registered to the site. I need help. My CPU speed is rippling for no reason. I mean, it's around 2.20GHz when I'm not doing anything, but it falls to 0.40GHz every 4 seconds whenever I do something (for example watching youtube, or playing games) and makes me unable to use my PC...
  9. B

    CPU overheating at around 85-100 degrees

    Hello, I got given this computer about a year ago. to my understanding its a decent set up, used to run all my games like the witcher 3 for example, on the highest graphics and had no problem. a couple months ago i took it apart to clean for the first time, keep in mind my knowledge with...
  10. H

    CPU installed but monitor won’t turn on now

    I’ve just installed a new cpu (Ryzen 5 3600) and my tower turns on and nothing seems wrong. However despite that, my monitors won’t turn on and say it has no signal to them?
  11. J

    Issues after swapping CPU

    I own a CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Xtreme GXIVR8020A4 Desktop that came with a i5 9400 processor. I was trying to switch it out with i5 9600K. It's my first time messing with anything like this, do I'm sure I messed up somewhere. I bought the wrong cpu and tried putting the old one back in without...
  12. O


    Ok so im running an i5-9400f cpu @2.9ghz with 8 Gbs of ram with a geforce 1660 and everytime i boot up any game it takes 100% cpu power but my graphics card stays no more then 15% please help ive tried almost everything
  13. H

    Pc won't boot after CPU upgrade

    I'm upgrading my cpu from a i5 4430 3ghz in a hb1m-a to a i7 4790 and after installing it my pc starts, the LEDs light up all fans start spinning but no peripherals turn on and nothing appears on the monitor, I've updated the bios to the latest version and I believe I have cleared the CMOS...
  14. T

    Upgrading my AMD RX-6300 CPU

    Hello, thank you for taking time to look over my questions. I would like to upgrade my CPU. I don’t really know a lot about AMD’s CPUs, so I am not sure what is better or worse. The motherboard I have has an AM3+ socket. In the image is some base information on my processor. If you have any...
  15. C

    Bent cpu pins

    I have an AMD Ryzen 5 2600 cpu and about 10 pins are bent to where they are not going into the pin holes, will this prevent my computer from starting up?
  16. I

    Solved CPU Overheating after PSU replacement

    Hello, I recently replaced my PSU due to shutdown issues and my desktop ran fine in the store after the replacement. After i left the store and came home, I encountered a heating issue with my CPU Intel i5-6600k reaching about 87C. This was never normal for my computer even during full load, as...
  17. F

    PC won't turn on, fans do not spin

    I would be very grateful to anyone who can help me fix this problem that is driving me crazy. My PC wont turn on at all. Fans do not spin. I thought that my PSU is the problem and then i bought a new one. I used two Motherboards (i know at least one of them is working).. I tried using other RAM...
  18. B

    I need to know what motherboard to get

    Hi i am trying to upgrade my regular work pc into one where i can play all the new games. I recently put in a new graphics card and new hardcore power supply, but my cpu wont run it. Any idea of a cheap but good motherboard/cpu combo to get and or ram? Or any ideas to help me? Here are my specs...
  19. H

    Solved CPU Not Working

    Hello, I have recently purchased an I5 - 7500 3.4ghz CPU. I currently have an I3 - 6100 3.7ghz CPU. I put my new CPU in and nothing but fans and lights worked, I then put my old I3 back in and everything was fine again. My motherboard is an Asus H110M-A. Should it work with this and if so is...
  20. H

    Solved Changing CPU

    Hello, I have recently purchased an I5 - 7500 3.4ghz CPU. I currently have an I3 - 6100 3.7ghz CPU. I put my new CPU in and nothing but fans and lights worked, I then put my old I3 back in and everything was fine again. My motherboard is an Asus H110M-A. Should it work with this and if so is...