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    Website audio crackling

    Hello all, Recently built a new system and the audio from the front panel is not working properly online on websites like Youtube but its perfect on Spotify and on offline videos... It is really hit and miss... I have updated my Realtek driver and Nvidia driver to the latest ones but still the...
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    Crackling, popping and distortion on wireless headset

    Hello, recently I've noticed a huge problem with my audio; whenever I listen to music or play games, the sound gets distorted and starts popping and crackling really hard. The crackling can also be heard whenever I adjust the volume from the Windows volume icon. I'm using Windows 10, the headset...
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    Solved Asus 106x SATA Driver Causing System Lag- Windows 10

    Hi Everyone, Thank you for your help in advance. Since April 2016 I have been working on this problem without success. I have posted on multiple forums without a solution. I know what the problem is, I'm just not sure how to fix it. System Specifications: Windows 10 pro 64 Core i7 4.0 GHz...
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    Static when headphones are plugged in

    Hey guys! I just got a new computer and it's been working amazingly well. I just plugged my headphones in a few minutes ago and started hearing static (note: this hasn't happened since i got it). I only hear it when i hit a key on my keyboard, click through websites, or have a program running. I...