1. F

    PC reboots when playing/launching video games

    Hello! So my PC has started to reboot itself any time I run a video game. I haven't had any similar issues in the past at all. It went from being fully functional to not being able to play games at all over the course of an hour. I was playing WoW last night and the PC randomly rebooted. (This...
  2. palo139

    Random BSOD

    Hey, I'n new here and I have a big problem with my pc, after playing games or casually browsing Internet I get BSOD with stop codes like irql not less or equal (dxgkrnl.sys), systém thread exception not handled (atikmdag.sys) Page fault in no paged area (ntoskrnl.exe) Can it be caused that I...
  3. S

    Every game is crashing

    I got my PC three years ago with this specs : FX - 8300 RX 460 MSI 970A Sli Krait edition 8GB of RAM at 1866mHz HyperX Fury Antec 600w power supply 1TB of HDD WD Since I got it and set it up, my games have been crashing, but I was always kind of going over it. I tried many fixes to it but few...
  4. Projectioned

    PC Crashes While Gaming

    So when ever I play games my PC will crash sometimes weather its 10 minutes into gaming or a couple hours, sometimes it doesn't happen. By crash I mean it just reboots its self. Its happened about 50 times and it mostly happens when I play war thunder. Other games like rainbow 6 or csgo it is...
  5. T

    Constant Crashes

    Hi! Please help.. I have built a new gaming pc, but the bigger games tend to crash and now even smaller ones are. I have no idea what the problem is, somebody suggested RAM as i have had memory errors. What should i do?
  6. A

    PC Crashing as of new windows update. Automatic reboot.

    MY PC recently decided it was time for a windows update and forced one on me. Since this update, my computer has been regularly cracking and automatically rebooting. There is not a blue screen or anything like that. When this happens, the system does not turn off, as my motherboards postcode...
  7. Jakub503

    Solved DPC Watchdogs Violation (Windows 10)

    Hi, I'm writing in behalf of my friend who's got this problem with bluescreens on new PC (new everything, pretty high-end build) The PC crashes with black screen, the BSOD does appear but only after a few minutes of black screen. The code says DPC Watchdogs Violation. The problem occurs only...
  8. Reecedavies97

    Solved Ultimate PC still crashing

    So I spent a lot of money on a Gaming/streaming/video editing rig. I can do absolutely anything, except today for some reason using Vegas Pro 16 I’m getting Blue screened every 5 minutes. Temps are cool, CPU averaging 40 degrees and GPU around 50-60 I have an intel i9-9900k OC 5.0ghz 32GB DDR4...
  9. Bladerblood44

    Help about laptop crash

    Hi when I play a big game for my laptop like assassin's Creed I or robolox Even if robolox isn't that big The computer crashes and make colors and a strange sound
  10. D

    Weird Crash

    I was playing PUBG from steam, it was the second time that the computer just crashes. The keyboard and mouse's lights went out, screen say no display but the power indicator on my CPU is glowing still meaning there's no power loss or it's not sleeping. The RAM lights and back fans are running...
  11. C

    Solved Computer Shutting Down Randomly

    Hey, My computer keeps shutting down on me randomly when playing 3D intensive games. I just bought all of the parts this year. I am pretty sure it is due to the GPU overheating. I just did a benchmark on PC with HeavenlyBenchmark and the GPU was staying at 95-96% load and the GPU temp was at...
  12. M

    BSOD Critical Service Failure/ Failed

    Hi, Ok so I'm running Windows 10 Pro on HP Pavillion, Intel i3 1.9Gh For now that's all the specs I can remember. A few days ago my laptop started making a clicking noise and became a lot slower, however this morning when switching on I received the BSOD and the above message (Critical...
  13. T

    Frequent crashes and Mainboard not starting

    Hey, so I bought my PC at the end of 2017 and until a few weeks ago, I never had any problems with it. So, a few weeks ago, my friend bumped into it (not that hard) and it turned of immediately. Since then, I can still boot and work/play for some time, but it keeps crashing (everything just...
  14. S

    BSOD on Dell Inspiron Windows 10 PC

    Hi all, apologies in advance for my lack of technical knowledge in computer software and hardware. I am a casual gamer and purchased a gaming desktop (Prebuilt, sue me) in 2018. I have experienced no issues with it and use it only once or twice a week, up until two months ago when it all of a...
  15. D

    Crash Problems

    hey, everytime im playing games like csgo, pubg, world war z, etc. my game would crash, it will usually happen about an hour into the game, i updated the bios, did stress test to everything and also took one of my rams out to see if it would fix the problem, my rig's specs are ryzen 5 2600, asus...
  16. S

    Random shutdowns/crashes

    For the past month, my laptop has been shutting down/crashing randomly. It would just go black while I'm working, and when I start it up it would be a fresh start and not a resume (like sleep or hibernate). I thought it might be an overheating fan but that seems unlikely since I have a cooling...
  17. U

    New drivers not updating? And what is hwpolicy?

    So, I've been getting the dreaded Blue Screen of Death (coupled, sometimes, with unable to load windows past the BIOS screen). Checked on my drivers using the "DriverView" software, and I see many in red. I have updated: * AMD Radeon GPU drivers (3 different ones) * Logitech keyboard and...
  18. G

    Games crash / Video driver crash

    Hi there, I have been having this problem for the last 5 days and need help. I recently bought an M.2 SSD and installed it in my PC with no problem. I also removed the old thermal paste and put some new, cleaned all the fans and the heatsink, etc...I installed Windows 10 from a bootable...
  19. L

    I cannot create a recurring task in MS Outlook 2016

    When I create a task and then try to make it recurring by clicking on the "Recurrence" button in the ribbon, Outlook crashes. Sometimes it restarts, sometimes not.This always happens. A can reliably always make this happen. Things I have tried: scanpst.exe, Stellar Repair for Outlook, Microsoft...
  20. S

    pc freeze then emits a high pitched noise and then bsod

    About a month or two ago I did my first custom build. Specs: ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Machine Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. - Z390 AORUS ULTRA Operating System Microsoft Windows 10 Pro (64-bit) Memory...