1. Hrstar

    Solved Computer Crash

    Hello, So recently I have encountered a problem. My desktop's monitors turn off and the fan gets loud and spins fast. Could anyone suggest what could be the possible issues? Also, I have checked the temperatures before my PC crashes this way. The GPU temperatures are near 70C and CPU...
  2. D

    Windows 10 freezing and crashing

    Hi folks, My Windows 10 crashes ~1-2x per day. It usually freezes up, not necessarily when taxed. Not sure if it's an old graphics card, driver, or something else. I've been trying to understand Event Viewer, but could really use your help. So far I've done: Type Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image...
  3. I

    NVIDIA Graphics Card Crash

    I currently have a EVGA GTX 1070 FTW graphics card and it keeps crashing occasionally on applications and games. I've already tried all the fundamentals things that I've been told from companies such as DDU uninstall old drivers and try installing the newest and some older drivers, power...
  4. F

    Fortnite Crashing every startup

    Hi. I play Fortnite on my gaming laptop but recently I was getting blue screens of death every single time I booted. I emailed Epic Games and they told me to have a technician look at my computer. The only thing I could do to fix the BSOD problem was to reset my pc. I did it and it was working...
  5. Jimorrio


    Its all started with yi ol Pubg every once in a while it would crash but as time went on it crashed more and more to the point now every time i open the game it crashed my whole system. so i just thought i was some weird window 10 interface deal. almost a year later update after update no fix...
  6. J

    Crashing Dell Inspiron 15 Gaming 7567

    So I'm a bit perplexed, so I'll be more detailed here. After a year and a month or two (just after the warranty expired), my laptop started crashing whenever I did anything demanding on it, from playing even simple games to running the extended BIOS diagnostics, and even once just watching a...
  7. K

    Solved Your PC ran into a problem

    Hi, So I am trying to boot up my pc however when i boot it up it boots into windows 10 and it gives me the circle dots indicating that it is starting however when it starts it tells me its working on updates once it gets to 94% though it crashes and it gives me the blue screen saying your PC...
  8. S

    Games keep crashing

    So, every game crashes after some time for fortnite it is random sometimes when I enter pre game lobby, sometimes when I jump out of bus etc. I can't finish games. I tried DDU and then installing newest drivers, I tried clean start of windows I tried a lot of the other things as well. My game...
  9. CalebNeedsHelp

    PC Will Shut Off and Restart After Loading Into Games

    Hello, as the title says, with more graphics heavy games (Rainbow Six Siege, The Isle, Shadow of War, etc) my PC will crash on occasion after loading into games. (This will also happen after loading into games, and then crash anywhere between 5 minutes or 5 hours, however this is rarer) This...
  10. D

    USB Devices Randomly Disconecting

    Hello, Ive seen threads already asking about this same question but I feel like I should post this anyway because I have some details with my specific issue that I do not see in the other posts (which is probably bad) My USB devices will all disconnect randomly, usually while playing games or...
  11. M

    Computer crashes (i really need help)

    Whenever I'd be playing a game for a while, my computer would just turn off and then back on, disconnecting internet and etc. I've google tons of fixes and none have worked, please help
  12. J

    New Recent Slowdown

    First off, my computer is being problematic enough that I'm having to use my phone to post this, so I can't use the sysinfo thing to give information about it I was just able to reboot and get into the settings to see my specs so hopefully this will help: The processor is AMD Ryzen 5 1500X...
  13. I

    Game crashes but still ingame sound issue

    So when I try to play Runescape and some other games the game just crashes / goes to black screen after a while, sometimes it lasts for mins before it happens and sometimes it can take up to an hour. It started since I upgraded my pc parts, went from Intel to AMD.
  14. G

    Artefact and Crash Look guys whats going on. GPU or PowerSupply problem or something else? ryzen 2200g 8gb ram 500gb hd rx580 8GB gigabyte PB500 80plus 500w no oc all new except the gpu. tested onboard and its all ok. Heres a Log using the benchmark Superposition from the start to the...
  15. C

    Issues with starting games

    I play video games on a regular basis and have had these games on my computer for a while now without any issues. One day I pulled the game Overwatch and it gave me the same error message 6 times before starting the game. (general message being that the game is not able to be ran on widows and...
  16. B

    PC Crashing

    My windows 10 pc has a big problem with crashing. It usually happens when I'm playing a game or something like that. For seemingly no reason at all, the screen will become a random solid color and there will be an effect with the sound that I don't know if there's a name for but it's like a...
  17. B

    PC closes instantly for unknown reasons

    Hello there. I've been trying to fix my computer for days and looks like I'm out of options. Well, that's why I'm here! So please leave your thoughts about this case. I've been using my computer for years and this never happened to me once. As I mentioned at the title, while playing 3D games...
  18. D

    What is wrong with my new PC?

    I got myself a PC 4 months ago, at the beginning I could play GTA 5 with a stable 70-80ish FPS, but nowadays it is even dropping to 1 fps from 40-60... Other games I play are L4D2, CSGO, PUBG, nothing wrong with them (L4D, CSGO are way older games I know I just listed it because): I also play...
  19. V

    PC crashes in games

    Hey there, my PC is crashing and freezing while in games and when it doesn't crashes in-game, it does when I close the game or hit Alt+Tab. The crash comes with visual glitches aswell, such as colored squares or stripes in the screen. I've already tested a lot of ways to fix or test to see...
  20. P

    PC POSTs but crashes when loading Windows

    So I accidently kicked my PC, and since it is missing a leg, hit the side of my desk. Well now it will POST but whenever loading Windows it will just crash right away. The HDD is fine and works on my brothers computer. Also western digital software says it is good. My CPU and HDD and RAM are...