1. Streetz2024

    Toshiba satellite A505

    I have a Toshiba satellite A505 laptop and it keeps going straight to the boot menu. How do I fix it
  2. G

    PC crashing, what's causing it?

    First of all my parts are: pentium g4560, asus b250m-a mobo, gtx 970, 8gb ddr4, 60gb ssd, 1tb hdd, corsair cx450m psu. Windows 10 pro 64bit. I use my pc for fairly low level gaming and other multimedia purposes. (Watching videos, browsing Internet, skyping...) I built my pc 3 months ago, it has...
  3. Alrdigital

    Sudden Windows 10 crash? Help?

    Hi all Great forum. I need a hero here! I work from home and need to fix my pc asap! I was working as usual, and suddenly I saw a "automatic recovery" screen for about a second then it sounded like my pc restarted. Now I just have a black screen.... and what looks like a safe mode cursor...
  4. V

    PC Freezes, Idk why, Need help

    Hello, SO my laptop crashes after being used for some time.... now at first I thought it had something to do with the audio drivers bc it always happaned when Ts3 was on, but it started happened when ts was off. I Started lookin at some events and From startup to Critical error, aka when I hard...
  5. M

    Constantly Crashing 10-20 mins into game

    I recently just bought a new 750ti off newegg. installed it and managed to get a couple hours of no mans sky into it before everything started crashing.. Im still unsure if the graphic card has anything to do with the crashes. ive been playing assassins creed syndicate and manage to get 20 mins...
  6. S

    Computer won't start

    So I was in the middle of using my laptop when it suddenly shut off. I have an HP Pavilion which was nearly fully charged and a little over a year old. I've tried removing the battery, resetting, using only the power cord- nothing works. I can't hear the fan or see any lights come on to indicate...
  7. H

    Crashed Laptop

    One of our laptops crashed we can't access it in any way. Is there any way we can use our other laptop to fix it?