1. elyouseewhy11

    Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart.

    Hello, I hope you can help. Newly built PC with the following specs Ryzen 5 3600 MSI x570 A Pro NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070, 2 X 8GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 Seasonic 750w gold PSU 1TBHDD 1TB SSD When installing windows 10 it ran into problems and it would not complete installation, after several...
  2. B

    Games randomly crashing on my higher gear

    i have switched to higher grade parts, and they seem to crash more then my lower grade parts on games. what will happen is that my monitors go black for a few seconds, and then i come back to my game not loading back up, or my game will randomly stop, and everything else continues working.
  3. R

    New Mid/High-End Keeps Crashing with Clean Windows Install

    Hi guys, I’m having troubles with a new mid/high end PC and can’t find the problem, so I’m here for help… Basically, it hangs up, sometimes with a BSOD and sometimes I just have to manually reset it. This started to happen 2 months ago, when windows got updated. That time, the BSOD had a...
  4. S

    Solved Computer Crashes - Motherboard EZ debug DRAM

    History of crashes: I've been having a few crashing issues with my build the last several months. The last component I installed was my GPU in May-ish. I started having these crashes that were at first infrequent, but increased over time. Using the Windows "Reliability" I linked the issue with...
  5. U

    Spilled On My PC

    I built my own PC and have used it for about a year now. I have had a blast playing my favorite games up until I spilled apple juice on my computer. It wasn't that much, and I cleaned it up fairly quickly. This happened about 3 months ago and ever since that incident happened, whenever I play my...
  6. F

    Computer Freezes/Crashes all the time

    I got my Pc a couple of years ago and it's a pretty good PC. (It's custom btw. It got built before it had sent to me) It runs everything smoothly and there's nothing wrong with its performance. (I'm not the biggest expert on computers, so bear with me) However, Ever since I got my PC, it...
  7. V

    Computer shutting off, freezing with certain games.

    So, over the past few months I've been having an issue with crashing/freezing. I can't be certain that I'm not experiencing two separate issues, so I'll just include what causes and doesn't cause crashes/freezes. Ran OCCT Stress tests. Power Supply test and CPU tests shuts off the computer...
  8. G

    Brand new build, fresh install, computer freezes up

    Hi, I'm trying to help my very frustrated teenage son with his PC that he's built himself. He's confident that he's bought components which should all be compatible but on running graphically demanding games (and "some" benchmark tests), the computer keeps freezing and requires a hard reset...
  9. C

    'No signal' black screen after exiting games

    Hi all, I've been having an issue for a couple of weeks that I've not been able to solve and thought I would see if anyone here can help. Not at my pc right now so don't have all specs, some details off the top of my head (can post more later) PC specs: i7-4790k @ 4.0 Ghz (stock clock) GTX 780...
  10. M

    In desperate need of help!

    Everytime I try to use my desktop computer it works fine only for the first 10 to 15 minutes after which it will suddenly freeze and start showing vertical and horizontal lines all over the screen, I have recently changed the motherboard as well as installed a new RAM but the issue still...
  11. M

    Constantly Crashing 10-20 mins into game

    I recently just bought a new 750ti off newegg. installed it and managed to get a couple hours of no mans sky into it before everything started crashing.. Im still unsure if the graphic card has anything to do with the crashes. ive been playing assassins creed syndicate and manage to get 20 mins...
  12. M

    Toshiba laptop won't start up.. Black screen, white line

    Hi, I have a Toshiba laptop (Satellite C850) (using Windows 7), while in use it just shut off and now when I turn it on it will start up to a black screen with a white line in the left hand corner of the screen then after a few seconds it will turn off and then start back up with the same white...
  13. A

    Display Driver Issues... Freezes/Crashes/Blue Screen/UnBoot

    I'm having serious problems with my PC.... I assembled my computer some years ago, adding a couple thing here and there... Right now It's an: 2.8 ghz i7 Intel Processor 12 GB of RAM (6 X 2GB) Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 Graphics Card (With latest drivers at the moment) 120GB SSD + 1TB HDD OS...
  14. W

    Constant crashes, will upgrading my HHD help?

    Hi, My computer will often crash while playing games or launching certain applications, a friend told me my HHD's transfer speeds were heavily inconsistent meaning its starting to fail. I've included a list of the BSOD errors I've received and if they are relevant to the HHD please let me know...
  15. P

    PC shuts down within 30 seconds of boot

    My PC (part list below) began shutting down after boot 2 days ago. The PC will turn on and boot, sometimes making it into windows, and then shut itself off. Here is what I have tried so far: Disconnected and reconnected all PSU wires Removed and booted with each individual stick of RAM (8gb...
  16. S

    Assistance Isolating Hardware Issue

    I've done a ton of troubleshooting the past couple days so I will try to make sure to have everything down. After moving my computer to another room it would not turn on. It would flash a light once and start to spin the fan for a half a second. I replaced the PSU (upgrading it from 700 to 750)...