1. dooron101

    Everything crashes, even Minecraft, on a RTX 2060 build

    not much more to add, that's the main problem. nothing big noticeably changed, but one day i was playing minecraft, just relaxing in a server, before the game randomly crashed. it would repeatedly crash, and i was getting annoyed, but for some reason Counter strike was working fine, though i...
  2. J

    Windows 10 computer not booting (crashing)

    So I built my own PC and have had it for about 2 years now and have had no problems besides the power supply went out one time about 6 months ago. So just the other day there were some cords under my PC I moved them the PC tilted didn't even fall and it turned off I went to go turn it back on...
  3. A

    Computer keeps on crashing I have built my own pc and I ju

    I have built my own pc and I just keeps on crashing especially when I play games. I have whipped my drives several times and done a fresh install of windows 10 but unfortunately my computer keeps on crashing. My computer specs are: Cpu:Intel core i7 4790k Gpu: Asus strix gtx 970 Motherboard...