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    Which computer is best for creative purposes for £700-£800

    Hey, I’m looking for a computer to do digital art on for tattoo designing and although I am getting a Wacom tablet I need a computer and can’t always carry the Wacom around with me. My budget is anything up to £800 at the very max hopefully there is something suitable for £700 though. I would...
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    Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi Xtreme 7.1 Soundcard - no CMSS-3D

    I recently went through the horror of a PC crash after a Windows 10 update. Using my ISO disk, I managed to repair it by reinstalling Windows whilst opting to keep all my files and apps (programs). This worked although I keep coming across certain pieces of software that have been affected and...
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    HELP With Creative Inspire T2900 2.1 Speakers

    Hi, I have a Creative Inspire T2900 2.1 Speakers that is now about 12 years old. It used to work perfectly until yesterday when there was a huge thunder, it stopped producing sound. The speaker has power because the device green light is on. The sound port on the motherboard is fine because when...