critical process died

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    Solved Bsod

    So I was updating my computer but I accidentally kicked the plug now I have bsod, please tell me how to fix this, I really need my computer. Edit: btw this is on a desktop not laptop and the stop code is CRITICAL PROCESS DIED. And i tried restarting and trouble shooting but it didn’t work.
  2. R

    Blue Screen of Death

    I keep on getting the Blue Screen of Death,but it's not that regular.Sometimes after 10 mins,and other times after 2 hrs of usage,but It always happens if I try to shut down or restart the PC. I have used Dump file Viewer to find that the ntoskrnl.exe is causing it,how do I fix that?Apparently...
  3. Aubrey12


    Hey everyone, i'm new so please bare with me :) - I received a BSOD earlier, with the error ; CRITICAL PROCESS DIED. Then i ran a sfc/scannow then.. Verification stopped at 51% complete. Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation" while performing SFC scan. the...