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    FPS Drops in Games like CS:GO

    Hello ! I mainly play CSGO and resetet my PC 2 Months ago, my problem is that after some time i get FPS Drops. I actually dont know what i should post here to get Help. I Checked some things and tried to solve it myself but it didnt work. I got some Screenshots of my Specs with CPU-Z , GPU-Z...
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    GTX 1080 Low FPS In CS:GO Only

    I just got a GTX 1080 and most games run at the estimated FPS for a 1080. But for some reason CS:GO runs at 110-180 FPS. I've heard that CS:GO is a CPU intensive game but I thought that my 1080 with my old but solid CPU (Intel i5 3570K @3.4GHz) would be more than enough to keep me in the 250's...
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    How to fix ping spikes

    Hi, I started having ping spikes about week ago. Its all normal at first but then its like 2 minutes normal ping (32 ) and 2 minutes of spikes (70-500). I tried everything i found on the internet but it didnt work. Its a computer problem because i changed the source of internet and it still...
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    Phenom tlb fix problem with csgo

    So I have this processor amd phenom 9100e quad core 1.8 ghz processor which I use to play csgo. When I started playing first time I noticed that I have pretty low fps (50-70) in game and I did some research and found out that some amd phenom processors suffer from this thing called tlb bug. So I...
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    Random Crashes

    Windows 10. I have been playing CS:GO for a while now and suddenly my game started to crash. I will be able to play for a random amount of time before my game minimizes and starts replaying the last sound the occurred over and over again. When the game minimizes itself, i cannot exit the game...
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    Tritton pro+ and CS:GO setup?

    I just got a new Tritton pro+. It is not going to well because i need to play counter strike global offensive aand the sounds are messed up? Please help........