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    Stuck in UEFI Bios. Won't boot to Windows 10

    It started when I took one of my hard drives out of my case. Now when I turn it on, it will open up the UEFI Bios page instead of booting like normal. I have tried turning everything off and back on, taking out my hard drives and reinserting them, resetting some options on Bios, but to no avail...
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    Bootmgr is missing Windows 7

    So my wife is trying to install new ram for her desktop. She took out the old ram and we needed to put it back in to check her motherboard specs and on installing it back in we booted up her computer and it started reading Bootmgr is missing but we didn't touch anything except for the ram. We...
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    Install SSD to make comp. boot off it. with HDD as storage

    So I got an SSD and I have a custom PC made but its only using a hard drive. I was wondering if its possible to transfer ALL my stuff to an external hard drive (except maybe games because I can just download them again.) Then format my computer's hard drive and boot the computer with an SSD...
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    New Custom Pc keeps freezing... please help

    So, my pc keeps freezing while only at around 20% cpu and 1/16 ram, so basically, it freezes before I get to do anything really. I've had. this pc for a long time and this is the first time it had happened. I recently used the MSI gaming apps OC genie feature for about a week, then noticed this...
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    Trouble transferring Windows 7 to new PC

    Hello, my laptop broke down the other day and it had a preinstalled version of Windows 7 on it, I have the product ID of that Windows version that was on my laptop and I wish to transfer it to my new custom desktop, I don't know if transferring an OEM veriosn of Windows 7 is possible so can...