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    Help needed customising wordpress child theme

    Hi guys, Any help would be really appreciated! Im wanting to change the entire website to black with white writing. Im using inferno theme (Enigma child theme) and Ive added the following codes to the CSS editor. If you look at the page there is orange in the header the footer is grey and...
  2. Q

    Set-up Vertical Justification in 'Custom' Invoice Template

    Quick Timeline: Roughly a year ago - Invoice2go included templates that could be highly customised. From then to now - VERY-LONG-AND-OFTEN-FRUSTRATING-DECISION-MAKING-PROCESS Instant Invoicing + Mobile Money = Prompt Payment + Buoyant Business - pretty logical, unless you're a dedicated...
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    Folder Icon customize help!

    Appreciate every assistants! Hello everyone, I saw a screen shot of folder, It was all Movies in it. But the most strange thing I saw is... Each Movie folder looked different from the other. Like IRON MAN movie folder is in its poster icon. And BATMAN in its own. Every folder to its own icon...