1. B

    D-link DSL-225 Router problem with dns

    So after searching for about a week i come here to share a problem. I have set in the router static dns servers(, but even when i set a different dns servers(doesn't mattar which) on an end device(iphone,galaxy,computer on wi-fi/ethernet) it completly ignores that and uses solely...
  2. R

    Solved Need help with drivers/ WIFI adapter

    so i uninstalled my wifi adapter drivers, i tried to reinstall but it will not work i have gone to the manufacturers website and downloaded the new driver (support.dlink.co.nz) but it wont let me install the driver i have taken a screen shot of the file i have downloaded and the device manager...
  3. R

    Wifi Not Working

    Recently I bought a DIR-605L wireless router. It was working fine for a week until the power went out. I have tried resetting it but now the wifi router won't work. However, the modem works fine. So now I have a reset wireless router that won't work when I connect my modem to it. I have tried...
  4. Boutchoo

    Cannot Obtain IP Address after creating an AP

    Greetings! I will try to keep this short. My current Setup: Main Router: Model : Bell Canada Connection Hub SSID : Wifi 1 Security : WAP2 Gateway : Subset Mask : DHCP : On IP Range: to Access Point: Model : D-LINK DIR-820L SSID : Wifi 1...