1. S

    Water Damage on Windows 10 Laptop

    My water bottle spilled on my desk and got water all over my laptop. I don’t know how long the water was there because it spilled while I wasn’t there and was probably there for a while. When I found my laptop, I tried turning it on but it wouldn’t turn on so I took out the battery, dried it out...
  2. C

    BBEN G17 LCD replacement

    The LCD of laptop got busted and I need LCD replacement but I dont have any idea on what LCD to buy. Anybody there can tell me what LCD i need to buy, thanks in advance. The model of my laptop is BBEN G17
  3. crcook84

    Car Battery Checker

    I recently left my car lights on overnight because I had a particularly vexing day at work. Needless to say, the voltage dipped low enough that it had to be put on our battery charger to charge it up enough again. We were able to charge it up and I could continue using it the next day. However...
  4. silvifrost

    What happens if you force a tablet's usb ports? How to diagn

    I have a Chuwi Hi10 Plus tablet, Windows 10 64 bit/Android 5.1 dual boot, 4 gb ram, 64 gb rom. So I inserted a micro-usb drive into my tablet. The pendrive's plastic body was quite big, so when I tried to connect the usb-c charger (port is right underneath the micro-usb), it wouldn't fit both at...
  5. X

    I've got a blue screen, with two options, am I in danger

    Some water spilled on my laptop's keyboard, and I managed to dry it and get it to start, but when i started it it gave me a blue screen, with something about recovery, it had two options, either restart, or "go to advanced options", I restarted and it worked just fine, I would like to ask, Am I...
  6. B

    Keyboard typing multiple characters on one key

    Hello a while back my friend spilt a bit of soda on my laptops keyboard, I dried, and flipped my PC over flat on a towel. There was no damage for about a month, but now some key do multiple actions. Example: Pressing (Backspace) now moves the curser to the right one space, turn my volume down...
  7. Shadowsden89

    Solved Liquid stain in laptop screen

    I was cleaning my laptop today, a gentle cleaner, no alcohol, bleach, ammonia or any harsh chemicals, and though I didn't spray directly onto the screen, I managed to get some of the cleaner underneath the screen. It's not too bad, and doesn't seem to be affecting my laptop in any way, it's just...