dark screen

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    Dark (blank) screen

    Hi, I have a Toshiba laptop(windows 8.1) and it's screen was closed a little agrressively (pushing the screen towards the keyboard and it banged) and when I opened it later, the screen emits light but it's all dark and nothing shows at all its just blank but there is light , I have seen some...
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    Dark red pixels on OLED screen

    I've tried to look for what this is called but I can't come up with a definition. It's not "dead" pixels or "stuck" pixels as far as I can tell, but in a section of my TV certain red pixels are darker than others. This occurs on all inputs. It does not happen on blue or green. I thought it...
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    Screen goes black while computer continues to run

    Hi. I'm not sure if this is the best thread to post this in, but I decided to just put it in Windows 7 since that's what my laptop has. I've been having this issue with my laptop for a few months now where the screen will randomly go black while my laptop continues to run with no way of getting...
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    iMac 5k backlight dead issue

    So I recently upgraded my late 2015 imac's processor from an i5 to an i7, and when i put it all back together, the screen would not turn on. Well technically it turns on but the backlight does not work. (I can see everything if i shine a strong light on the screen) I've reopened it a few...