1. J

    Blinking light in top corner after os logo appears, unrespon

    My pc starts up normally, until the os logo appears, it gets stuck and all there is, is the flashing dash in the top left corner, occasionally the screen will turn off only to turn back on a split second later, I don't have any flash drives in the pc at boot, the only thing I did before it...
  2. milogen

    Short dash on keyboard not working?

    Hey, I'm having some issues with my keyboard(s). It's not a sticky key/dusty key issue because no matter what keyboard I hook up to my computer the same key does not work. I am using a G15 Logitech keyboard at the moment and I also tried using my Black Widow Razer keyboard but switching devices...
  3. M

    Black screen with _ line on top left on startup

    HELP today when i was going to start my computer it seemed normal in all ways but it just didnt start it got a black screen with an underline on top left , i found almost nothing for this line on top left everyone else has the black screen with the pointer. I tried all the things of booting from...