data extraction software

  1. DBoogie

    Data Recovery Drive

    My Laptop won't get back to desktop. Every time I power up it goes to "Automatic Recovery" the screen just goes blank/black. Nothing seems like it's loading, hence after hours even days black screen. Note: Can get to BIOS and load Kapersky Rescue Disk/USB but the Norton Rescue Disk/USB has...
  2. S

    Safety of Recovery Data Software

    I recently downloaded a highly-rated data recovery program to recover critical data I had on a flash drive. I am assuming the program I used has the capability of accessing all the data on that device. By the way, the 'critical data' was my file of passwords, 10 to 15 of them for credit card or...
  3. edam4

    Phone Extraction Software

    Hi All, Can anyone recommend a good piece of Software that can extract all data such as SMS, Call Logs, Photos, Web History, Videos etc. from Android Devices to Mac and PC. I know Samsung Kies is there but not sure if it will do everything I need? Thanks.!