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    How to recover files after accidentaly formated external HDD

    I had about 300 movies on my external 500 gb external Hard Drive. Thats when i stupidly formatted the drive, I have not written anything over the drive but i still cant get files because its been formatted. I been trying gparted but im having a tough time. I also used a program online and could...
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    Deleted File Recovery...! :( :( Please Help ME

    I had a file which is larger than 35 gigabytes and recently it was deleted and I want to recover that file So I have tried some recovery apps like stellar phoenix and ease us it didn't work out, so the file extension is .flka which is a folder lock file so my question is is it possible to...
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    How do I get back deleted Samsung phone photos and messages?

    Hello, friends. My Samsung Galaxy S3 android phone was formatted since it kept asking to format after being dropping to the ground. And, all my photos and messages on a 64GB Micro SD card were permanently deleted. How should I recover these deleted photos and messages? Honestly, after searching...