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    Adding two different formulas in one cell using Google Sheet

    Hi All, I have tried to merge these two formulas in Google Sheet: =DATE('Resource Matrix'!K1,'Resource Matrix'!F1,1) &" - "& OR(WEEKDAY($G2)=7,WEEKDAY($G2)=1) but seems not working. DATE('Resource Matrix'!K1,'Resource Matrix'!F1,1) is to identify how many days there is in a month...
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    Solved Increment date by weeks accounting for 5 week months

    I'm creating a list of dates by week, the first week of the year will be input manually and the rest of the year will automatically populate. Since there are 4 months that have 5 weeks I need to show 5 rows per month. I can get it to leave the 5th week blank on the first 4 week month, but I...
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    Macro Help Please

    Hey Everyone! This is my first post here. I need your help in developing a mechanism to send an automated outlook mail, when the safety contact is due. I understand ill have to get the scheduler to open the file and run the macro automatically. Is it even possible for the Macro to see that on...