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  1. AlwaysBrian

    Arizona WAN showing Irish AWS IP in DDWrt startup logs

    Hello, I have one last curiosity here that I can't seem to find any explanation to. If you've read any of my other questions then you would know that I was dealing with serious network issues at the time of this screenshot. I have a limited, at best, understanding of networking but I can say...
  2. T

    Help configuring 4G modem with Open WRT 'Barrier Breaker'

    Dear Pros! I'm trying to configure a 4G modem preinstalled with Open WRT barrier breaker 14.07/ Luci Branch which I had purchased earlier this year on AliExpress. Manual said I should only put in the carrier's APN, which I did, but no internet. I figured perhaps some additional input is...
  3. W

    Port Forwarding (outgoing) to another router?

    Hi everyone! I am looking for help with my dd-wrt router. Here is my setup: Router 1 TP-Link (Original firmware) DHCP server IP: Connected to ISP broadband (dynamic IP) Router 2 D-Link DIR 600 vB1 (dd-wrt firmware) DHCP server IP: Connected to VPN via PPTP WAN (OpenVPN...
  4. D

    Bridging Ubee DDW365 with DD-WRT taking over... help.

    So Time Warner Cable provided me the Ubee DDW365 modem/router combo... and lately it's been having a lot of issues with high ping times, such as having "random" ping spikes... to the point that the connection will just completely drop off and then come back... So, with that in mind, I decided...