1. AntonMiEngland

    Solved DRAM Chip locations

    Main question: What is the difference with RAM chip layouts? I was looking at some Crucial DDR4 and comparing it to a Kingston DDR4 and I think I noticed that the Kingston had 8 large chips, while the Crucial had 4 larger chips (I can't be sure because the sticker covers them). I can't seem to...
  2. D

    64Gb Ram installed- 48Gb showing up

    So I have 64 Gb ram installed, I have tried every possible combination of RAM and ruled out the possibility of hardware. I had a new motherboard sent to me, and that did not fix it as well. All windows settings and systems show 48Gb installed. However a 3rd party software tells me I have 64Gb...
  3. C

    PC Only Boots With One Stick Of Ram

    So just today I upgraded my gaming pc (New cpu, mobo, and ram) and have had some issues so far. I can only boot the system when I have one ram stick in. I have tested both sticks separately and in different slots so I have confirmed that all the slots work and both sticks work alone. I have...
  4. aberrant

    Ram compatibility with Motherboard - Help please =]

    I'm looking to build a new PC for gaming and uni and am considering buying the MSI B150M Mortar Micro ATX LGA1151 motherboard. On the boards official page and everywhere else I've read it reads that it supports DDR4-2133 ram. I've found DDR4-2400 ram for cheaper than it's 2133 counterpart but...